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Feminists demand all sex be controlled by the State.

Feminists demand all sex be a crime for men unless they request permission from the State beforehand.

It will be licensed and regulated by Feminists in strictest adherence to the teachings of Dworkin et al.
A driving license for lying [together as in having sex] should be of exactly the same reason that people with firearms license lock their weapons so the children do not access them.

"It’s as if George Orwell’s Junior Anti-sex League has occupied feminism."

Translation below

"Faced with a license to lie«
Published April 20, 2016 by Debate - 26 comments

Harassment, insults, threats, and in the worst cases, rape is a part of many girls' and women's lives. Something must be done - start with sex education, writes Klara Larsson, Laboremus and SSU Uppland.

Have you ever felt a hand on your butt when you have not asked for it? Have a sense of self-loathing washed over you after someone touched you in an intimate context? How fun is sex to you anyway? Does it worth? Do you do it because you want to and think it's nice or to the press and other factors confirmation weighs over?

All too often , the answers are hesitant on these issues among young people. Then research on human sexuality started really in the middle of the 1900s, it has begun revealed to us the delusions we have. The impact has been in the awareness of these started appearing.

On Girl Support Association 's website you can read that every third girl who visits a youth has been subjected to repeated insults and threats. Furthermore, 14 percent in the past year have been exposed to some type of sexual abuse. We should pay attention to this iceberg and begin to digest it as soon as possible. A »license« to lie is a reasonable solution.

Many of the boys who have gone too close or too far sexually with a young girl, often do not know about it. Sometimes do not even know the girl about it, something just feels wrong. Of all sexual assaults in 2013, 98 percent had been committed by men, according to statistics from the National Crime Prevention Council. Demonization of rapists makes the plot feels so far away from reality.

But the fact is that a rapist can actually be anyone - it is usually anyone. Most rapes are committed indoors by an acquaintance of the victim. So high rape statistics Sweden , according Girl's Shelter, in fact, makes it inconceivable that a few are going around the country and mass rapes 365 days all his years as sexually active.

What this shows? Well, that something must be done. The necessary ontet must become a part of every individual's daily life. I'm talking about sex education. As hard as it sounds it is, we have to sit and blush and talk about penises and snippor. The Public Health Agency (then National Public Health Institute) in its report Sex, health and wellness, from 2012 to sexual well-being, according to the World Health Organization , is part of the definition of a good health.

Sexual wellbeing is thus an important factor in our lives, in all cases, something that has a major impact on how we perceive our everyday lives. Therefore, we will talk about all the glands woman has in her abdomen so we understand how wet it must be for it not to be equated with a limp dick.

Have you for example heard of the prostate glands like the vulvans urethra? Without a proper sex education one turns to porn when you want to know how sex should be.

And yes, we should have the full examination on this, with the ability to get everything from A to F in the ratings. Without approval, you may not have sex. I could just as well have been able to propose an increase in the wealth tax or any other so-called "mad controlling«. But so far, I will not go, instead I suggest a solution to reduce the number of fractured (mostly girls) anus.

A driving license for lying [as in sex] should be of exactly the same reason that people with firearms license lock their weapons so the children do not access them.

Will their freedom to bear arms may be limited, then their freedom to go bananas with their sexual incompetence be. There is a risk of at least as much damage. It bleeds just do not, necessarily.

Klara Larsson , Laboremus and SSU Uppland district board

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