Friday, 8 April 2016

Feminists outlaw the use of sex-workers

What harm do Feminists do to men - and to other women?

France: Sex Workers Protest in Paris

Olivier Donnars—AP Sex workers and supporters protest near the French National Assembly in Paris on April 6, 2016, as French lawmakers take part in a final debate on a bill that would make it illegal to pay for sex
Sex workers can't work without clients. How the hell does arresting the men (and only the men!) help put food on their table?

Feminists don't harm men with their own hands - they prefer to use the State for that. They criminalise the clients of sex-workers, whilst shouting "free the nipple" and teaching children that sex is empowering.
Emma prepares herself for bell hook's strap-on.
Slut walk, demo, London UK. Demo against rape crime in London. Stock Photo
Feminists love to call themselves and others "cunts", yet if any man uses that word, they will have them destroyed(source)

What they mean, of course, is sex is empowering FOR WOMEN.
But this is a lie - there's no giving to men in their model of the world.

Or rather, for the right sort of women - the ones who like submissive, terrified men, or who are gay.

That gay women like BDSM, porn, and sex workers just as much as straight is one of those dirty secrets that is swept under the rug.

When Emma does sex work, Feminists say it is good.

When men pay for sex work, Feminists say they are evil.

What sort of doublethink makes that possible?

So what is Emma Watson's “awesome alternative” to pornography? A website that 
focuses on “clitoral stimulation, and not penetration.”

Emma poses for photography that is designed to sexually titillate men,
and she does so in exchange for money.
Men are supposed to pay money to Feminists to learn how to service women without any pleasure for themselves.

This is how they see men - as tainted, born corrupt - but still useful as disposable servants.

For men, they have introduced new consent laws that mean a man must beg constantly throughout intercourse for permission to continue, that mean if a man and a woman drink champagne and consummate their wedding, then the man and only the man can be charged with rape.

They want to teach children that heterosexuality is abnormal and have them look at gay sex sites - yet they want to end all porn for straight men and criminalise BDSM.

Emma acts in movies that are designed to sexually titillate men,

and she does so in exchange for money.
What does that tell you about their attitude towards men, and to the women that desire them?

Not every woman wants a slave begging them permission to touch their bodies throughout the sexual act. Most women have no problem with sharing a drink with their man.
And some women will always feel frustrated if they can't be allowed to be submissive to a man.

Feminism as a movement just cannot cope with those women, and hurts them as collateral damage in their war on men.
BDSM and sex-work are something that lesbians pursue as well(source)
When Feminists have her lover arrested, how do you think she will feel?
Do they really know better than her how to live her life?

(source: unknown)

Update10th April 2016:

Feminists criminalise sexwork, then claim the evil GamerGate must have done it.
And it ate their homework as well.

And what do real members of that hashtag say?

"There's nothing wrong with being an escort. If Alison Rapp wants to make $250 an hour plus through sexual services, that's her choice. I'm not going to, and neither should you, make this about the fact that she was an escort."

From more on Ms Rapp, read this.

I have to wonder - do you think Feminists will be calling for the arrests of the women hiring strippers (and then fucking them)? Of course not!

(Note: I've heard stories about hen's nights since I was a kid, from women, and I seriously would never want a relationship with a woman who wanted one - the worst was a bride who caught herpes from the stripper, then gave it to the groom, then divorced him and got everything. :P

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