Saturday, 2 April 2016

Glasgow Police threaten to arrest anyone caught having an opinion

Almost everything you possibly can say will hurt someone - or at least, they can claim to be hurt by it.
Madonna, exposing the breast of a minor to public broadcast
"Madonna is washed up"? That hurts my feelings! Police! Arrest that man!

"The sun will rise tomorrow? You hurt me saying that! My religion says it will only rise by the will of Huitzilopochtli - your presumption offends me.
How dare you criticise my religion?

Threatening to arrest people for this is Totalitarian.

They are deliberately intimidating people - implying to them that if they express their opinion, they can expect to be arrested.

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I really hope that it's all an April Fool's Day prank - although it's 5:11 am on the 2nd, so i'm not sure it's within the traditional time for it.

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This man was caught speaking unnecessary words. He has now received a visit.
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UK Police: Be ‘Kind’ And ‘Use The Internet Safely’ Or ‘You May Receive A Visit

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