Thursday, 21 April 2016

Is ScarJo not Japanese enough to play a Japanese robot?

One of the characters in this skit is not racially 'asian'. One of the key points is how much confusion it causes people to have a Japanese person who does not conform to the stereotype.

What is Ghost in the Shell?

The "shell"  - the robot body used is a generic looking model, similar to what is on display here.


Look at this Japanese-created character. Blues eyes, no epicanthic fold, large nose, narrow face.

What 'race' is the Japanese artists depicting? If any at all, considering it's an artificial body.

Ok, ScarJo's nose is a bit bigger, but danged if she doesn't capture the look. Also, I want to have her babies.

Compare that to the real features of ethnically Japanese women...

Examine the skin tone, relatively round face, dark eyes.

Please go to YouTube and give the creator a like if you enjoyed their video - also, notice the clash between a 'Japanese' appearance ( their shell) and a 'Japanese' cultural identity (their ghost).

This is one of the key elements of "The ghost in the shell". One of the key points is that the shell is a distraction - it's what's inside that matters. In fact, in the anime, she changes shells, inhabiting a body designed to look like a child, and I think a man's body as well.

The shell is a distraction. Focus on the ghost!

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