Friday, 29 April 2016

Laws that affect women and men equally are misogyny sexist raaaaaape.


Looks like Outrage culture deliberately misrepresented the situation: A controversial Oklahoma court ruling was widely misinterpreted to mean that under state law, rape charges cannot be brought if the victim was intoxicated.

Ruling here

A response to "Oklahoma Court: Oral Sex is Not Rape if Victim is Unconscious From Drinking"

28 Apr 2016 23:25:52 UTC 'We will not, in order to justify prosecution of a person for an offense, enlarge a statute beyond the fair meaning of its language.’


Which sounds perfectly reasonable to me, and persecution to Feminists. Why are they angry about that judgement?

They seem to want to abandon the law and just have kangaroo courts.
"Listen and Believe" in practice.

"decision asvictim1[sic] blaming"?

"Campaigners and legal experts have criticised the "insane" decision asvictim blaming "

Usually a link backs up your argument. The link here just talks about a different issue.

It's almost as if the author thought:

"I don't actually have any evidence to back up my assertions so i better pretend to have some legal experts agreeing - they won't check anyway, those idiots will just Listen and Believe (TM)".

‘We will not, in order to justify prosecution of a person for an offense, enlarge a statute beyond the fair meaning of its language.’ - See more at:
Since the statute applies without any sexual bias, how is it a women's rights issue?

"The court argued that, under this statute of law, incapacitation by drinking didn’t apply as it wasn’t on the list of circumstances that constitute force."

It wasn't a group of men deciding to be mean to women - it was a statute with a loophole. That happens all the time because people are not omniscient, but you Feminists automatically interpret it as malicious and biased against one sex only - despite it applying equally to both sexes.

If Feminists cared about justice, they would want rape laws to apply to everyone, not just to men. They would want female rapists punished, and punished exactly as severely, instead of wanting them to walk free.

If men are so awful that they are writing laws to hurt you, why on earth do you Feminists share a country with them?

Seriously, move away, form your utopia, prove to the rest of the world how much better you are without us.

But Feminists never will. They bitch, and they moan, and they whine, for men to solve all their problems, while patting themselves on the back for being independent.
These are strong women.
This is a Feminist.

Which of these two groups do you think would be able to build a civilisation?


Oklahoma Legislators Seek Change in Sodomy Law After Ruling

Which means this is a non-issue. A loophole, affecting both sexes, was discovered, and will be closed. There's no conspiracy here against women.But if you look at , it's framed as proof of the wicked men in power persecuting women, and the commentators on the Feminist side are only interested in the victim narrative.

Feminist response:

Mostly just abuse - it does amuse me how ready they are to call someone "cunt" and then run screaming to the harassment police if i reply with exactly the same term.

"It's a human issue.
Seriously, you read this article and that's all you have to say?
No empathy for this victim?
No outrage over this loophole?
Wow.. Perhaps it's just YOU who needs to move away. My male people are wonderful, caring human beings."

Notice they avoid dealing with the arguments and focus on emotive manipulation. "Feelz over Facts" is the Feminist mantra.

My counter-response:

"It's a human issue."

This page isn't "human interest news", the article doesn't treat it as a human rights issue but as a persecution of women by men - as do all the feminist commentators I can find here.

"Seriously, you read this article and that's all you have to say?"

No, which is why i linked my comments separately.

"No empathy for this victim?"

None has been shown on this page for men who have been raped but unable to charge their attackers due to Feminist legislation.

You don't seem worried by that - your demand that I SHOW empathy but no-one else on your team has to DO so is very revealing.

"No outrage over this loophole?"

The one that is being closed? Do you get angry over potholes that are being filled? Bad things happen. In this case it was an accident. You don't seem to care because you see that accident as proof of malice. That is paranoia.

"Wow.. Perhaps it's just YOU who needs to move away."

You realise if you moved away from me, that's exactly what would happen? That's how it works?

But we non-Feminists are the majority, and we get on perfectly well. Why should we abandon our civilisation - especially as you show no sign of being able to cope five minutes without us?

"My male people are wonderful, caring human beings"

I hope you gave them a good pat on the head and a tasty treat. Yet you don't seem to care that your sibling paints them as toxic monsters?

Y'know, some Nazis kept Jewish women as mistresses - it doesn't mean they liked Jews. How do you treat men? You join in the group hate sessions quite readily. What does that say about you?

A typical example of Feminist abuse.
It's an abuse of my eye-sight, especially.

1Ouch. Typos. I am worried about their ass-victim tho', I'd see a doctor about that. I mean, I make typos all the time - but I'm doing this for my own benefit, not for something that claims to be professional. Oh well.

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