Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Men are declared unfit for the presence of their betters

Recently, it's been declared that men cannot be allowed to sit in the presence of women in public spaces.

Why has Feminism decided to fight so hard against equal treatment for men and women?

When did it flip into the mirror image of everything it once stood for?

Men and women can be evil. Men and women can be victims. Yet Feminism tells us, over and over, from the day we are born, that only women are victims, only men are evil.

Two women charged with attack of Dandenong bus driver

I teaches us that men cannot be trusted, that women are Damsels in Distress. Women cannot share a space with men - men must be made to leave.

Women-only ‘pink carriages’ idea for Aussie trains causes controversy

Welcome to Apartheid. Welcome to Sexual Segregation.

They'll be able to re-use all those old signs - replace "coloured" with "men" and they'll be done.

Men get to sit in the second class seats - despite being the primary target of violence already.

No-one cares if he is bashed on train one night - he was born evil, born male.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/57/Rosa_Parks_Booking.jpgI have to wonder - what will they do to us if we refuse to sit in the back of the bus? I doubt they'll be as gentle as they were with Rosa Parks.

The Rise and Fall of Apartheid book, Nelson Mandela
Men who fight Feminism will know violence at the hands of other men.

Feminists claim to be an oppressed class
- yet they wield all the lethal power of the State.

The funny thing is - I was a Feminist. I marched with the women who wanted the right to sit with the men in pubs and other places.
Women chained to the Regatta
Rosalie Bognor and Merle Thornton chained themselves to the bar at the Regatta Hotel in 1965.

Now the Feminists want those places - completely to themselves. They declare everywhere to be a SafeSpace - free of men.

Feminists have long talked about separating men and women, with men getting the worst of it
- to the point Feminists openly discussed a Final Solution through books such as "The Female Man".


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