Thursday, 7 April 2016

Question about PC hardware - graphics cards, video textures and Fallout

I've noticed in settlements, especially the busy ones, that the graphics downgrade and become 'blurry'. I have been told that a video card with more VRAM would help?

I wanted to make video clips for youtube that were hopefully of good enough quality to build up a channel following and actually make money (hahaha, yeah, i know, unlikely).

Currently using:

 Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

From dxdiag.txt:

Display Memory: 4038 MB
   Dedicated Memory: 1990 MB
      Shared Memory: 2048 MB
I have to admit I have trouble figuring out if that means I have around 4 gig VRAM on the card or is it 2 gig, and it's just using the memory of normal RAM as well?

Would this produce higher quality footage? I tried to find an example but YouYube seems to be making things a horrible mess anyway, and i'm working off a backup low res monitor at the moment as the old one blew up - not fun!

How a food replicator should look, from
How it looks in my game of
 Fallout 4 in a busy settlement
A bit better - this is from The Mechanists Lair, which is somewhat busy
the graphics of the stereo look ok i think?

I've turned off anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering.

I don't see any difference?

The writing becomes unreadable. Yet the shots below seem fine to my eyes, nice and crisp? Same system was used to produce them and the settlements have lots of different textures.

Example footage:

Turned aa etc back on and left system running staring at the replicator:

Eventually it's ... passable. But the artwork was sharp straight off.

Is there a queue of textures, with the first items loaded getting the best resources,
and later ones being degraded?

Do the last objects loaded later move to the top of the queue as unused objects are moved out of memory, and so the replicator object, for example, will finally get the full resources it needs?

Possible solution?

Buy and install MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti Armor 2x OC 6GB

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