Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Reaction to: "Teach the SJW Controversy!"

About 34:00 in (talking about how Feminists get away with inciting violence against men) - the way Feminists got around it in Australia is that it's illegal to discriminate against a protected group.

The Australian Human Rights Commission is run, thanks to a Feminist PM, by and for Feminists, and the protected groups are:

1) Women.

That's it.

https://androlphegax.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/byxkcmeceaiz3cf.jpg?w=640You can do anything you like to men and not violate their human rights, because they legally have none. http://brettcaton.blogspot.com.au/2015/09/men-are-not-regarded-as-human-thanks-to.html


I think the problem is that post modernists hacked the university system. It's discussed in "Surely you're joking, Mr Feynman"  and it's not something new.

However, the fact that it has now corrupted even Astronomy is chilling.

What will happen when these SocJus indoctrinated people try and deal with the real world? They certainly cannot produce real science.

And that means, unless we cut this off at the universities and other tax  funded institutions, the countries of the West will be crippled, whereas China etc will be just fine.


The West will fall.

Other countries will carve us up, while Feminists urge men to die in their name and spit on the body bags of the men as they come back.

Then they'll bury the Feminists and impose their cultural values on us, and use Feminism as the reason they had to put us out of our misery.

Look at the willingness of Feminists to embrace Islamism. They are actively working to destroy democracy. There won't be a concept of Free Speech once they are done.

So this is it. We stop the rot, or it's the end. I think we can do this. It'll take time - but the 45,773 supporters of the petition prove that it's not too late.


Very lively debate but it tended to solidify my agreement with Sargon's plan. The people who felt it was wrong seemed unable to identify how it would violate human rights to have a review.

After all, Nietsche's ideas are not taught as facts yet students can and often do disagree or agree with them, and succeed regardless of the personal opinion of the lecturer. I have seen lecturers play the Devil's Advocate very well for points of view, to inspire clarity in their students - why do you believe what you believe?

I think that that skepticism is the core of why I loved Philosophy. "Doubt everything, including this".

Whereas Feminism teaches "Listen and Believe", it teaches that students who disagree are betraying their 'family' (wow, that is purest cult-speak). Feminism teaches students they must proselytise. I have to wonder how long until it teaches them that they must spread the word at the barrel of a gun?

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