Saturday, 16 April 2016

SPLC denounces heresy, and calls for fresh Inquisition

"The Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) “Extremist File” on Kincaid describes him as an unrepentant propagandist for extremist right-wing causes"

And this is why I immediately discount the SPLC. An "extremist"? Does he plant bombs? Send death threats? Shout at his opponents through loudspeakers?

Nope, nothing like that. He disagrees with people. He might have way-out opinions - but 'extremist'?

noun: extremist; plural noun: extremists

a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action.

So what "extreme action" is he advocating?

The SPLC is classing people as terrorists based not on actions, but on the fact that they dissent

- whilst ignoring groups that actually do advocate violence, such as Islamist groups, because it's been decided by
SocJus that they are the good guys ... somehow...

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