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Why do Feminists love to lie about rape?

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22 Apr 2016 07:38:16 UTC

MRA: Women are no better or worse than men, which is why we shouldn't blindly believe the claims of either.

Feminist: MRAs say all women are liars!

MRA: What? When did we say that?

Feminist: Also, they eat babies! And fly around on broomsticks casting curses!

MRA: You are hysterical!

Feminist: And they say all women are hysterical! Which is sexist misogyny and word-rape!

MRA: Is there anyone saner I could talk to?

Feminist: Ooh! And they are ableist as well! Everyone! Everyone come and throw their faeces at the horrible MRA!

MRA: Bloody hell, life's too short for this. (*leaves*)

Feminist: Did you see how he was harassing me? I'm so triggered, i can't even. Donations, pls!

Have a look at the page. The creator of that site loves to fling their filth at MRAs, get a response, then reply to that using it as proof of their victimhood, and then delete the opponents argument... which leaves a very peculiar structure in it's place.

Their goal is to provoke a response, then use Facebook's pro-Feminist harassment policing to shut down the accounts of anyone who dissents. Be aware of that before you comment.


So I can tell by the influx of MRAs on here that a post has been shared or screencapped on some shitty MRA page. Let me make a few things clear. This is not a debate page. There is nobody here interested in listening to the regurgitated chants of 'you cuck' or 'false rape allegations are epidemic'.


January this year you and your fellow cronies went crying to FB about how WE were harassing YOU. You got FB to remove our page for this reason. Now our page is back up and harassing absolutely nobody you still continue to come here. Are you stupid?

Don't answer that. We already know the answer. But I will repeat this. Comments on this page are all set to hidden until an admin checks them to be seen in public. This means any MRA coming here is wasting their own time since nobody bar admins will see their comment. This measure was taken to prevent trolls and morons who cry about being harassed whilst continuing to poke sticks at people goading them into debate.

"Now our page is back up and harassing absolutely nobody you still continue to come here. "

It turns out that when you slander people, they tend to respond, some with vitriol, others with a more reasoned approach. Of course, that means they are unable to hear any voices outside their echo chamber.

This is what Feminists mean by the newspeak term safespace. They have a space where they can demonise a group, without fear of contradiction, can allege the vilest slurs against them, create the craziest strawmen imaginable...

And because they can never hear anything but their own voice echoing back, they grow further and further from reality.

So what did their page get taken down before for? They were breaking the ToS of Facebook by doxing people. Of course they don't mention it, but a leopard doesn't change it's spots, and I'm sure they'll go back to their old ways.

But it's interesting - that for all their claims - they produce no proof.

"MRAs are murdering all wimminz!"

"I hear MRAs will key your Porsche!"

"I woke up today and I couldn't find my sock. I bet it's them again!!"

"Bloody MRAs!! Stealing our socks!"

They never link to anything but other feminist opinion sites. This has the same credibility as Jehovah's Witnesses 'proving' that Catholics are Satanists by pointing to a JW site that says they are.

I don't have much connection to A Voice For Men nowadays but if you look at their site, by comparison, they usually have a ton of references on each article leading to independent third parties, all of which can be checked. And if you care to disagree, you can. There's no threats, no doxing, no petty censorship.

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