Friday, 29 April 2016

"Why do you care so much that feminists supposedly hate men?"

Hans Scholl (left), Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst,
leaders of the White Rose resistance organization.
Munich 1942 (
USHMM Photo)

"Why do you care so much that feminists supposedly hate men?"

A reply to a Feminist question. I doubt it was asked in good faith, but i thought it was time i wrote a definitive answer.

" why do you care so much that feminist supposedly hate men? "

Why would you care if some group 'supposedly' hated Jews or Blacks or Gays or ....

Why does it matter if there's a hate movement with the power to change the laws of the State, despite being a tiny minority?

That calls for segregation of people along the lines of the Ingroup and the Outgroup, that calls for longer prison sentences for the Other - and no prison sentences for their own group?

Every decent person should be concerned by that.

"Like I see you have a blog about it.
You spend a lot of time and energy talking about it."

If people had spent their time and energy preventing communism and fascism from rising, humanity would haven't had to live through multiple genocides.

"Why? What are you trying to accomplish?"

The same thing that the Germans who opposed the Nazis accomplished. Being moral human beings. That is all life asks of you.

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