Saturday, 9 April 2016

Why does Feminism hate humour?

Monty Python’s John Cleese Worries That Political Correctness Will Lead Us into a Humorless World, Reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984

And how does SocJus respond?


Francisco Gonzalez

"What members of the dominant class and culture call "political correctness" are simply demands for respect and common decency towards the less powerful. Humor only works between peers: otherwise is simply an exercise in dominance"


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By William Merritt Chase - The Athenaeum:
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"What members of the dominant class"

Class conflict? Oh! You are a Marxist. I'm terribly sorry for you.

So you think that you have two groups - the oppressed and the oppressors - and the oppressed ... can still manage to destroy their oppressors on a whim?

What sort of doublethink does it take to manage to feel oppressed by the class of people who exist at your whim? Who have no such power over you?

" demands for respect"

No. Respect is not your birth-right, you have to earn it. We are civil to each other, but we do not have to respect each other.

Saying that someone deserves respect simply because they are born is absurd, and is, I have noticed, almost always a one way transaction.


"boys must be taught to respect girls"

There is always a silence. The missing reciprocation, once remarked on, usually gets the deflection:

"why do you hate all women?"

" Humor only works between peers"

Prince Charles is 'most amused' at birthday evening of comedy


Royal families have had comedians entertain them for centuries - and yes, that does include a fair amount of teasing.

Only in totalitarian states does your rule apply, which is why it must be inviting to you - you want to sit in Stalin's chair, deciding who is allowed to laugh.
"in the Soviet Union telling political jokes could be regarded as type of extreme sport: according to Article 58 (RSFSR Penal Code), "anti-Soviet propaganda" was a potentially capital offense." (source)

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