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Why Feminists scream constantly whenever they see a man

Feminists do not react well to the sight of men.

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'You have to kill the Tutsis, they're cockroaches.'

This graffiti in a neighborhood in Cairo is emblazoned with the words "no harassment" in Arabic.
Here we have a typical feminist fantasy of spraying men with poison as if they were cockroaches.

Feminists are the laziest genocidal maniacs in history.

I think they believe if they just whine long enough, we'll poison ourselves, just to escape them.

"Why Telling A Woman To 'Smile' Makes Her Want To Scream"

Because that woman - the feminist - hates men, and you addressed her like an equal?Yet when men don't approach women - Feminists bitch about that too!

"In the U.S., if I refuse to acknowledge a catcall or ignore someone when they tell me to smile, [men] yell something threatening at me or call me a "frigid [expletive]" if I glare at them"

An interesting claim - a testable claim - and one which strangely has no evidence at all to support it. Time and again people take cameras to the streets, recording hour after hour of this not happening. Yet Feminists have faith that it does. Maybe men are like vampires and don't show up in recordings?

It's bullshit anyway - men say lots of things to try and get sex and/or a relationship, but as you can see here, "smile" is rarely used.

"catcalled" - a feminist word that means anything she wants it to mean - from saying "nice weather" to the lewdest sexual proposition. Note the way it is counted here!

Of course, it only applies when a man does it to a woman. If she does it, she's strong and empowered!

The idea that men think slapping women's butts on the street is absurd - the sort of men who do that are the sort of men that will attack another man as well, because it's aggressive behaviour.

However, some women do that to men in bars and nightclubs - it's a common complaint of male strippers and bartenders alike.

Those women, and other men quite often, think it doesn't count if women do it, and Feminism enables that belief by emphasising the paradigm of "female victim, male victimiser" at every opportunity.

" a woman told us how "creepy" it was that a man told her she looked "beautiful""
If you don't find her beautiful, you are fat-shaming her.
If you do, you are raping her.

Shame on you for being male! Shaaaaame!

Problem easily solved. Wear a t-shirt with "Feminist" written upon it. Men will learn never to call such people beautiful, or interact with them in any way. It's win-win!

This is all victim narrative propaganda. In Germany in the 1930s, all you would have to do is put Jewish in front of the word "men" here for it to win the approval of Goebbels.

Why do Feminists hate men so much - yet never quite get around to leaving them? We aren't stopping you. Feel free. Door's right there.

And now, Feminists Choir, please take it away!

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