Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Be a Man. Get Married. Make Women Rich. Die.

A reaction to https://youtu.be/EtvfHnZMcOY

" is it possible that married men have more sex and make more money than their single counterparts"

In happier times: In 1992, John Cleese married American psychotherapist, Alyce Faye Eichelberger (pictured in 2003), but the pair went on to divorce in 2008 - a move that cost him £12million of his fortune
In 1992, John Cleese married American
Alyce Faye Eichelberger,
but the pair went on to divorce in 2008
- a move that cost him £12million of his fortune
No, because marriage - as in the case of John Cleese - has a built-in financial incentive for women to end it.

A man and a woman are married, divorced, and she ends up with more than half his assets - for no other reason than her sex?


http://www.baltimorecountylaw.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/87604643.jpgAnd in the US, marriage can result in a man going to jail because he can't pay his wife - not based in actual earnings, but what the judge imagines he might be able to earn hypothetically.

Once he has gone to jail, his ability to attain employment is permanently impaired. He will still be sent back to jail over and over if he can't make the payments he can't possibly afford to make.

"Married men are motivated to maximize their income."

Absolutely - by doing jobs that result in their deaths at eleven times the rate of women. They pay with their lives, so that their ex-wives will benefit. Yay?

"They work more hours", leading to more injuries, disability and earlier death. It also results in a gender wage gap, which is seen as being a problem.

In Australia, feminists solved that one by paying men less per hour for the same work. Yay?

In Sweden, they want a "man tax" - in addition to all the extra taxes men pay for working the extra time already - so that men will have to subsidise women who will need to work less and less as a result.

"Men have some kind of willy bonus in that they earn 10% to 20% more"

Feminists will often repeat variations of this - yet they never seem to be able to point out which companies are breaking the law by doing this, or explain why companies would want to decrease profits by hiring men when they can get an all woman workforce to do the same job for less money.

In effect, men are becoming a worker caste whilst women can become the idle rich, the parasite class carried by the men they despise.


" after marrying at 19 and having kids, Taulbee’s perspective changed"

Yup. Being a father is important - and you are conflating parenthood and marriage. Kinda funny because he can kiss those kids goodbye when she leaves him.

"Taulbee quit his factory job and joined the Army, where he made significantly more money and received housing and health care paid for by the military."

Interesting tactic to push there - we men should sign up and risk death. Women don't have to, of course. No push here for women to risk their lives.

Marriage is about benefiting women and persuading men that they won't be loved without it. But the divorce rate proves they certainly won't be loved with it - that all it does is incentivise their destruction.

You say we aren't MEN unless we join up? You'll give us the White Feather unless we sign?

Haha, stuff you! We ain't falling for that trick again, bitches!

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