Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Is it right for the State to control Religious Schools?

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“It’s 2016 and I would expect all students should be able to wear pants if they like,” he told 3AW.

For one thing, the it's [current year] argument is meaningless. You could justify anything by just saying the current year. "It's 1941! Of course we are exterminating the Jews! Don't you know it's 1941?"

The other thing that worries me is that this is a religious school, not a secular one, and while i wish all schools were secular - in fact i wish religions didn't exist, I also have to defend people's right to religion. If the State imposes rules upon religions, it has to have a really good reason.

Yet we keep seeing religious rights stripped from Christians - and yet the same are granted to Islamic schools. I can't imagine such a school being forced to tolerate schoolgirls in the outfits most girls wear.

I also have to wonder - why bother going to a religious school if you don't share their faith?

What's the point?

Pagan Pope 2016. Accept this, or you are racist sexist misogyny.
It's not like she couldn't be catholic and go to a secular school, lots of people manage that. Was it that she wanted to control the school, re-write the religion?

And where do you go from there?

Will it be decided that the next Pope must be a gay transexual pagan? It's discrimination otherwise!
#PaganPope! It's Current Year, after all.

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