Wednesday, 29 June 2016

English will not be an EU language after Brexit?

No other EU country has English as their official language and so it could lose its status.


Outside of Germany, who speaks German? What is the point of an official language that only an elite can read?

Are we going back to Medieval Latin Bibles, where the common folk not only couldn't check what the priest class was saying, because only the elite learnt that language, and the comoners were forbidden from printing the sacred texts in their native tongue?

French might be spoken by some older folk in some Asian places (e.g. Vietnam), and to some degree in Africa. I suspect French speakers would still struggle with most ordinary dwellers in those countries, although they might be fine with traders. (source)

But guess what - they aren't doing much trade in the greater scheme of things. French speaking countries - apart from France - are dirt poor. (source)

Dialects of the french language in the world
Source Own work
Author Jonatan argento


Percentage of English speakers by country. (source)

  Not available

China doesn't look like a significantly English speaking language - but you have to remember that the people who trade with the outside world are the ones speaking English.

I couldn't find anything on French or German speaking Chinese people. The general consensus seems to be that the business languages are English, Japanese and Korean.
Country  China
 % English speakers 0.8
% As a First Language
Eligible population 1,200,000,000
Total English speakers 10,000,000
As first language
As an additional language[1] 100,000,000
Comments Figures are for English users in mainland China only (i.e. excluding Hong Kong where English is an official language and Macau). The oft-cited figure of 300 million is for "learners."[19]

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Domestic Violence Videos

I always forget where i'd referenced these, so i thought i'd put them together and hope feminists don't have them taken down as wrongthink.

"I am Emma and this is my video"

" I am a feminist."

We guessed.

"What has amused me the most about this whole situation is that this of you writing these hate comments telling me I was 'pressured' or 'bullied' into feminism are quite honestly doing worse than what you perceive my friend to have done to me."

We are used to feminists telling us we deserve genocide. Are you surprised the reaction to a declaration of feminism is a rough one? If your friend becomes a Neo-Nazi, will you be cool with that?

"You expect me to think your side is the better side to be on after all you've done is insult me?"

Don't care about what side you're on, do care about whether you examine your facts.

Hint: Feminism doesn't deal in facts, it makes stuff up and if it sounds good, it believes them. Try using facts and reason. If you find Feminism is lying about things like a wage gap, why should you trust the rest of it's claims?

" There was no fear of losing her, there was no constant pressure to do what is 'right'."

Yah, and I know religious folk who are just the same with their families until the moment comes that they reveal they are an atheist.

"What I'm honestly surprised about regarding everything that's happened in response to this video, is how much free time some people have. "

You are easily surprised, and I suspect, overly impressed. Some people can type a paragraph very quickly. You really think that proves their lives are extraordinary?

"Someone had enough time and energy to spend it on making a ten minute hate video"

Which probably generated days worth of mirth, if it's well done - take only one example

156,004 views, assume average of half fully completed = 78,002
So that's 780,000 minutes.
13,000 hours
217 days of continuous viewing.

Not bad for "ten minutes of hate". And you don't seem to have refuted any of his points. Instead, you just seem to be in denial that they exist in the first place.

The thing is, the people arguing against this video aren't arguing about anything."

Clearly, they are, or you wouldn't be engaging with them.

"This video is not an argument for Feminism."

Which movement holds: "the personal is political"?

Full comment by her below:

(Youtube has taken to stripping out spaces and newlines in order to make comments harder to read, alas)

"I am Emma and this is my video. I am a feminist. Yes I still define myself as a feminist even after this barrage of insults and hate directed towards me(obviously there were some reasoned arguments and for those i did read them and take them into account). What has amused me the most about this whole situation is that this of you writing these hate comments telling me I was 'pressured' or 'bullied' into feminism are quite honestly doing worse than what you perceive my friend to have done to me. You expect me to think your side is the better side to be on after all you've done is insult me? For those comments telling me that I need 'new friends' and that the friend mentioned is 'terrible' I will say this. Firstly, you are judging years worth of friendship from one sentence- I lived it all I think I can judge for myself, although thank you for looking out for my wellbeing. Secondly, there was no peer pressure involved, no bullying, no threats. After the initial argument(a year ago) which made us realise we had differing opinions and the comment made(in the heat of the moment which I entirely forgave her for) we have not had a single conversation about feminism. We still remained friends for this year even though, up until this video, she was unaware I had changed my mind. There was no fear of losing her, there was no constant pressure to do what is 'right'. What I'm honestly surprised about regarding everything that's happened in response to this video, is how much free time some people have. Someone had enough time and energy to spend it on making a ten minute hate video (and that's what it was let's be real) about me, and others have spent the last few days finding me on every aspect of social media and all my friends and being rude and hurtful. The thing is, the people arguing against this video aren't arguing about anything. This video is not an argument for Feminism. It is not about why you should become a feminist. This is purely my journey into feminism. It is personal. I have kept comments and likes on because I believe you all deserve to have your opinion. Please give me the same respect. Emma.?

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Men Have No Balls?

Men Have No Balls

16 Aug 2015 18:28:58 UTC

I think it's hilarious that she's bitching at men who won't ... do the very things other feminists want to make illegal and describe as catcalling and harassment.

"men these days are cowards."

She calls them cowards because they don't want to risk false rape accusations that will ruin their lives, because the presumption of innocence was removed by her kind, because they won't live and die for her pleasure.

If she and her kind are going to toss out white feathers, then she's just recruiting for the MGTOWs, because I'd rather say hi to Mrs Palm and her five daughters than a moment with her. No wonder bitches like her are trying to make sexbots illegal before they are invented - she can't bear the competition.

I hope her many cats eat her face while she's still alive.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

EQ2 and the Catch-22

"Unfortunately, technical support is not capable of addressing issues that may be occurring with the server infrastructure.

That sort of thing is monitored by a team of people 24/7, so that server issues can be addressed as they arise." - Daybreak Support.

There's nothing we can really do without a large number of reports about server problems."

a) they won't investigate server problems - that's the job of the next level of staff
b) until they investigate a lot of server problems, the next level of staff is unaware of the issue and won't investigate

This is a classic catch-22. The people running Daybreak might see a rush of people leaving sometimes, but they will have no idea why, because the escalation path is completely broken. It means they don't get bothered by whining customers, but it also means legitimate concerns will never be heard.

My whole group was experiencing the problem. I noticed it happening for days at a time and it's come and gone. It made doing anything but fighting green weak mobs impossible, because then at least the merc could solo them.

I even offered to record and upload it to youtube, but it seems like even if we all had recordings of it, it would still get ignored.

Very frustrating!

Penny Dreadfully Reviewed (Spoilers)

 - SJWs demand EVERYTHING be SocJus, even Gothic Melodrama

Eva Green as Vanessa Ives and Samuel Barnett as Renfield in Penny Dreadful (season 3, episode 7). - Photo: Patrick Redmond/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: PennyDreadful_307_0478
Not goonna lie, that's what I'd do to Eva given a chance.

Is it just me, or does she seem to be suppressing a giggle?
A reaction to:

"I shall do atrocities! Hahahaha!" (*proceeds to do atrocities*)

The Straw Men of Penny Dreadful: "Rather than pointing out we'd just kill you if you were a man, we shall don fedoras, grow neckbeards and attend meetings of The Patriarchy! Oh, and turn you into a proper woman which we are now suddenly concerned about."

Me: "Hang on - i get that you Feminists have no empathy for men, and don't care about her slaughter, but don't you at least care about how many little girls will freeze and starve in the world Lilly is building?"


"Isn't stopping her by any means a worthwhile goal? Like they did with the male terrorist? So doing it to male terrorists is ok, just not to female terrorists?

Am I not being clear?



Feminists: "Lilly is a strong and empowered woman, and the men are just cockroaches to be stamped under foot! How dare you question her! She's a Feminist!!"

Me: "I thought being a Feminist
meant you wanted equality,
not supremacy,
and certainly not genocide!"

"Why do you hate women?"

Monday, 20 June 2016

" #DearDaddy, you are a rape-beast"

A response to

"The campaign is supported by NORAD"
Not going to make this a conspiracy theory article,
but it is sooo tempting to say that
Feminism is being run from a nuclear bunker
while it organises the Apocalypse.
Aren't they supposed to be protecting us from the Soviet threat or something?

"1 in 3 women worldwide will experience physical or sexual violence "
One in three men will be punched by this girl
or suffer Male Pattern Baldness.

In the West? As compared to men?
One in three toddlers will know
physical violence
at the hands of cake.
I like the way this is used in isolation. By using the word "or", you can make it seem as if 1 in 3 women are raped everywhere - that's a neat trick.

I haven't met anyone who hasn't known some sort of physical violence.

My cat was physically violent against me not long ago. Somehow I managed to survive.

I doubt many siblings haven't been physically violent to a brother or sister somewhere along the line - and spanking? Why that's physical violence!

Of course, you can record that as proof of how persecuted women - and only women - are by men - and count that as coming from men - and only men.
Lesbian/bisexual violence is always erased,
meaning that when it happens,
there's no protection for it's victims
"usually from a male partner (WHO)"

Except that lesbian DV is higher, lesbians and bisexual women rape, and women of all sexualities are violent to other women.

In fact, they found women were quite happy to assist in the rapes of other women in the Congo, and historically, have had no problem at all with the rapes of men and women if they were of an enemy tribe.

And the word "cunt" - famously - is used by feminists as a term of abuse against the women (and men!) they don't like. Might want to do a search on Clementine Ford.

But this is all about man-bashing.

Or it's the divine truth.

Let's imagine the latter.

OMG! There are billions of cockroaches, monsters who have to be stamped out, and the poor innocent women are the only real humans.

Madison County woman sentenced to 70 years
in child abuse case (source)
So why do they live with the rape-beasts?

Why don't they move away and live independently of us?

Isn't that what sane people do, they either flee... or they take up arms and kill the monsters.

CARE Norway is, very quietly, setting up the grounds for a genocide - and using the UN as the justification for it.

Hitler would be so proud of you.

Now here's a terrific video response from someone else...

And as for the claim that it's men doing all the bullying to women...

Friday, 17 June 2016

Michelle Obama to Men: "Just be better, I dunno!"

A response to

Archived from

16 Jun 2016 15:34:18 UTC

Michelle Obama To Men: 'Be Better'

Men: That's got to be the dumbest thing she ever said.

Michelle Obama: "Be better fathers"

Men: Kinda difficult when it's women who keep alienating us from parenthood.

Michelle Obama: "My experience of never being physically abused by a man is a rare reality."

Men: "No, it's a paranoid delusion - women are much more likely to abuse their kids, and women abuse their partners just as often as vice versa - lesbian DV is higher than straight, so why do you need to make this about men?"

" Do the dishes."

We work longer hours at more dangerous jobs - and now you want to nag us to work even more?

"Don’t just think going to work and coming home makes you a man."

No, it makes us a zombie, or it makes us dead - but now we have the joy of knowing any woman who listens to you will nag at us to boot.

Then if we leave because we can't stand it, we lose our kids - and you'll be weeping crocodile tears about how much of a deadbeat we are"

"When you are sitting at a seat of power at a table of any kind and you look around you just see you, it’s just you and a bunch of men around a table"

So you judge our worth by our sex? Lovely. Here we were thinking it was the people who fought hardest who got to the top - largely asian people by the way. Maybe you should be telling those asian women not to fight so damn hard because they are showing you feminists up?"

"When a teacher would come and tell me that I couldn’t do something, I would get so much satisfaction proving them wrong."

Which is why you... married into power and wealth. Huh.

"You don’t have to say anything to the haters."

Then why don't you shut up? Nag, nag, nag!

" And that tends to shut them up."

You think just because you can't hear our conversation that you have silenced us? Do you think we disappear when we close our eyes?

" 'You make me proud to spell my name W-O-M-A-N."
Hello. My name is W-O-M-A-N.

Oh god, she's retarded.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

"If equality means treating women as badly as men, I want no part of it"

Kurdish Army Peshmarga

Female soldier, liberating women from ISIS
while Feminists focus on manspreading by tired men on trains.

Who does more for women?



A reaction to
"If equality means sending my daughters to war, I want no part of it"
You want no part of equality? Strangely enough, neither do most of your enemies. The weird thing is, some of those - also - draft women for war.

So I'm not sure how you are going to impose this weird female supremacism since undermining America will only likely lead to you being in one of those systems instead.

"Though our nation hasn't had a draft since the 1970s, selective service registration remains a reality for young men. I admit that, as a mom to two young girls, the draft is not something I have ever given much thought to."

So you didn't care about equality until it turned out equality meant your daughters could die like your sons would.

That's called Selective Sociopathy. You have lost the ability to feel empathy for men.

Half of your soul has died.

"But here’s the thing about equality: Men and women are not equal."

Then equality is a foolish goal, and Feminism should give up.
"sending women off to war does not present an equal opportunity to women by nature of the fact that women are physically different from men"

It doesn't take a lot of strength to be a pilot, and
women might even be better suited to the role
because being small is an advantage
You think war is an opportunity? Do you not hear your own words? This is about obligations.

We men are obliged to defend our country. Why aren't you women?

Are you saying you are too weak to pick up a gun? It's funny that women in other countries manage it.

Oh, is it just feminist women who are too feeble?

Fair enough.

Then if they are too pathetic for that job,
then banning them from other physical work
becomes completely reasonable. You can't have it both ways.

But here's the thing: weak men get drafted.

And a lot of combat has no physical component now. Drones, for example. Or mine clearing.

Tell me why women cannot clear mines? That only men's lives should be sacrificed?

Because that's what it's really about, to Feminists.

Men should die so women don't have to.

Even some muslim countries are looking into
gender-neutral conscription. (source)
You see women's lives as more valuable than men's.

You hate equality, and love supremacy.

The Feminist response:

Screenshot in case of deletion.
Charred body of woman after Tokyo firebombing
A woman, 'safe' at home, in Tokyo.
Charred to ash, with what could be her child dead beside her.

Slain by conventional weaponry.

No-one is safe during a war big enough to mean conscription for men.
At least arming women would mean they could shoot at their enemy.

Wikimedia Commons: Koyo Ishikawa

I found this discussion of the Feminist response to possible gender neutral conscription in Tumblr. The screenshots are very revealing of what Feminists really think of equality.

Also, if you need further evidence that this is a mainstream Feminist position, see:
We Already Draft Women In Times Of War, which argues that women should be protected from dangers and kept safe inside because their wombs make them too precious to risk - ironically, the same argument that Islamists use, and that used to be condemned... by Feminists.

My counter-argument is:

a) where the hell is the safety in keeping them at home, when bombs, missiles, and bullets cut down civilians routinely in any big war, and the only reason they aren't killing Americans is there's been no big wars since WW2, and Vietnam - the last war of conscription - was a demonstration of the failure of conscription for anything less than a big war

b) this would only protect women with viable wombs anyway - who, if conscription applies, would be forced to reproduce, which is something not even the Nazis did - conscription forces men to fight and die, after all; force, not choice, is the whole point of it

c) Realistically, if the war is so terrible that unforced human reproduction wouldn't replace the numbers, then you are fucked anyway because some other party will waltz in and take over - humans take decades to reproduce, and it takes hours or days to land troops - the author has no fucking idea how militaries work!

See Also:

Apranik (source)

"Female emperors ruled over the many dynasties of the Persian Empire. Many ancient Persian cities and states were ruled by women and had their army totally under control of female commanders.

Women in Persia were very honored and revered; they often had important positions in the Courthouse, Ministries, Military, State and Treasury Department, and other official administrations. Women were treated like Goddesses esteemed as mothers of creation before the barbaric invasion upon Persia. " (source)


I haven't seen confirmation of these claims outside Feminist websites. Feel free to cite sources to the contrary in the comments.


If this is true... how the Hell can it be reconciled with the Feminist dogma that Patriarchy was oppressing women for all time in all places? That Feminism was needed to save women?

Why were Feminists opposed to the ERA? Conscription!

Feminist professor ties to weasel her way out of the draft.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Social Justice - now 15% more evil! (Contains Penny Dreadful spoilers)

I support her villainy and misandry
I support her emotional trauma
I support her hatred and rage
I support her finally being able to express these emotions
I support her uplifting downtrodden women
I support her awakening the anger of other sex workers
I support her showing these women how to inflict harm on their abusers
I do not support the obsession of Victor, compliance of Jekyll, and betrayal of Dorian in trying to make her a “proper woman”

“ I support her villainy and misandry”
If someone bathes in blood,
it's usually a hint that
they might be a bit evil...
If they have orgies in the stuff,
it's the writer using a megaphone
in case you just fucking don't get it.

It’s good to see feminists out and proud about their misandry.

But oh - so brave of you to admit you love villainy.

Come out of the closet and expose your true nature to the light - unless that will mean you will shrivel like salted slugs?

“ I support her emotional trauma”

And the fact she murders men - thus causing emotional trauma not just to them but to every friend or family member or just the person who relied on them for their community to work? No?

“ I support her hatred and rage”

Which is directed at people who have done nothing to deserve any of it - she never actually attacks the people who abused her.

Was Hitler a Social Justice Warrior? He, too, supported hating people because they had a characteristic in common with those he felt had injured him. He wasn’t full of hatred to men - or women - per se, however, so they’d probably expel him as being some sort of pansy.

“ I support her finally being able to express these emotions”

Pity she only managed it after murdering an innocent and training a gang of psychopaths in terrorism. Oops!

“I support her uplifting downtrodden women"

Which she is going to do by killing their husbands, their fathers and their sons? Yeah, that’ll work out well. Even if she somehow succeeded in this lunacy, she’d just make humanity extinct. And I bet all those women would just love not having anyone to support them when they got old.

“ I support her awakening the anger of other sex workers"

Who, because the writer/s are feminists, are imagined as universally victims, and not just people working in hard conditions.

Like the men were. And the boys were. Life was tough. Teaching people to murder people who haven’t harmed them doesn’t make it easier.

Not exactly subtle about her plans.
Not exactly hiding her nature.

Watching a TV series with SocJus
is like watching a documentary
of the Holocaust
with a Nazi.

They keep cheering at all the wrong moments.

It doesn’t do much good to the people murdered by your fucking ‘Social Justice’ either.

“ I do not support the obsession of Victor, compliance of Jekyll, and betrayal of Dorian in trying to make her a proper woman”

Neither do I, it’s really bad writing.

He might as well have donned a fedora and started yelling “go home, gamer girl”.

He’s completely out of character, but he’s just a Strawman, a representative of the mythical Patriarchy, and he no longer speaks like Victor Frankenstein.

Congratulations, SocJus. You managed to fuck up Victorian era drama by being unable to drop 21st century gender politics even for half an hour.

Me, I’d just put a bullet in her brain. But if a lobotomy could work - why not? I’m sure it’s better than allowing a genocidal maniac free rein.

Of course, it won’t work because it’s Penny Dreadful, and Victor will always fail, because raisins.

Not strictly relevant, but it made me laugh myself silly.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Your art makes me uncomfortable - change it!
Current Female Orc Model (source)
"Okay, but why does the orc lady look more human than orc. I mean I’ve been annoyed about this ever since first playing WoW I know sexual dimorphism is a thing, but fuck, if you were to show someone who never touched the warcraft games a picture of her and a picture of the male orcs they’d say she’s from startrek and not an orc." (source)

Many women, and some men, will find him attractive.
Most men are not threatened by him.
They might wish they could look at least somewhat like him.

Many men, and women, will find her attractive.
Some women will find that threatening.Some men will be ashamed of the way she inspires desire.
She-Hulk in her 'gray' form
Standard She Hulk.

Which do you think people attracted to females prefer to look at?

Which do you think females would rather look like?

“ Okay, but why does the orc lady look more human than orc.”

Women are attracted to beauty in males,
but other features representative of sexual success
are important, such as physical power.

The sex-reversed version simply doesn't have the same mass appeal.
Because people who are attracted to females find that more attractive.

Others have said it's because she's half-orc - I don't care. There's a reason females in fiction get to be pretty, and men can be bestial yet still be attractive.

Because women want to be sexy, and like sexy women even if they don’t want to have sex with them, unless they feel they are unattractive and so are threatened by attractive women, or unless they are religious, and hate those damned sluts.
Unattractive women project their
hatred of attractive women
- their rivals.

They can't admit to hating other women,
so they hate the men who want them by proxy.

The irony is - if you are not physically attractive
(and most can improve it at least somewhat),
then you can seek other paths to attractiveness
- through dance, through kinky outfits,
through song or other displays.

Or you can try and tear down those sluts instead.

“I mean I’ve been annoyed about this ever since first playing WoW”

WoW exists and has been successful because it understands human psychology. There are plenty of games with unattractive females, but attractive females have sold better. Should marketplaces not respond to the desires of consumers?

“I know sexual dimorphism is a thing”

Yeah, like gravity is a thing. It’s interesting that you put a but after it. I know gravity is a thing, but why can’t I just fly around without any effort, fuck, the Patriarchy is oppressing me.

Accept reality. Move on from there. You want movies with women who aren’t attractive? Crowdfund them. Or make them yourself. Don’t get angry because artists aren’t making the art you want.

"if you were to show someone who never touched the warcraft games a picture of her and a picture of the male orcs they’d say she’s from startrek and not an orc. “

Sexual dimorphism:

and, of course,

The circled bit is the male. It survives by eating her in exchange for supplying sperm. Yay?

Even by the premises of your own argument - that sexual dimorphism exists but people should be able to recognise they are of the same species - you fail biology forever.

And it’s not like you failed it because you had to go to a  library or study at uni - the knowledge was a mouse-click away.

But let’s ignore that and go back to WoW.

This is a typical WoW character. Why are you trying to impose science on how Orcs can be depicted, when magic - magic - is fundamental to WoW.

There are Gods. They can fashion races according to their whims, and if they like making orc women look sexy, then who are you to tell them they are wrong?
Who are you to shame us?

And sexy orc females have been depicted consistently when artists, professional or otherwise, have depicted them - we humans prefer sexy women, either to gaze upon with desire, or to project ourselves into.

Skip to the female orc to see how human women interpret orcs - they make them sexy, because being attractive is a form of power - and it's a fundamental drive to any sexual species, without it your genes become extinct, so it's hardly surprising.

Women reproduce by being attractive physically but can compensate through other means- men have to be somewhat physically attractive but can compensate more with physical power and social status.

Historically, only a few men get to reproduce. Most fertile women have done so. It's women who are the gatekeepers of relationships, of sexual pleasure, and of reproduction.