Monday, 20 June 2016

" #DearDaddy, you are a rape-beast"

A response to

"The campaign is supported by NORAD"
Not going to make this a conspiracy theory article,
but it is sooo tempting to say that
Feminism is being run from a nuclear bunker
while it organises the Apocalypse.
Aren't they supposed to be protecting us from the Soviet threat or something?

"1 in 3 women worldwide will experience physical or sexual violence "
One in three men will be punched by this girl
or suffer Male Pattern Baldness.

In the West? As compared to men?
One in three toddlers will know
physical violence
at the hands of cake.
I like the way this is used in isolation. By using the word "or", you can make it seem as if 1 in 3 women are raped everywhere - that's a neat trick.

I haven't met anyone who hasn't known some sort of physical violence.

My cat was physically violent against me not long ago. Somehow I managed to survive.

I doubt many siblings haven't been physically violent to a brother or sister somewhere along the line - and spanking? Why that's physical violence!

Of course, you can record that as proof of how persecuted women - and only women - are by men - and count that as coming from men - and only men.
Lesbian/bisexual violence is always erased,
meaning that when it happens,
there's no protection for it's victims
"usually from a male partner (WHO)"

Except that lesbian DV is higher, lesbians and bisexual women rape, and women of all sexualities are violent to other women.

In fact, they found women were quite happy to assist in the rapes of other women in the Congo, and historically, have had no problem at all with the rapes of men and women if they were of an enemy tribe.

And the word "cunt" - famously - is used by feminists as a term of abuse against the women (and men!) they don't like. Might want to do a search on Clementine Ford.

But this is all about man-bashing.

Or it's the divine truth.

Let's imagine the latter.

OMG! There are billions of cockroaches, monsters who have to be stamped out, and the poor innocent women are the only real humans.

Madison County woman sentenced to 70 years
in child abuse case (source)
So why do they live with the rape-beasts?

Why don't they move away and live independently of us?

Isn't that what sane people do, they either flee... or they take up arms and kill the monsters.

CARE Norway is, very quietly, setting up the grounds for a genocide - and using the UN as the justification for it.

Hitler would be so proud of you.

Now here's a terrific video response from someone else...

And as for the claim that it's men doing all the bullying to women...

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