Wednesday, 29 June 2016

English will not be an EU language after Brexit?

No other EU country has English as their official language and so it could lose its status.


Outside of Germany, who speaks German? What is the point of an official language that only an elite can read?

Are we going back to Medieval Latin Bibles, where the common folk not only couldn't check what the priest class was saying, because only the elite learnt that language, and the comoners were forbidden from printing the sacred texts in their native tongue?

French might be spoken by some older folk in some Asian places (e.g. Vietnam), and to some degree in Africa. I suspect French speakers would still struggle with most ordinary dwellers in those countries, although they might be fine with traders. (source)

But guess what - they aren't doing much trade in the greater scheme of things. French speaking countries - apart from France - are dirt poor. (source)

Dialects of the french language in the world
Source Own work
Author Jonatan argento


Percentage of English speakers by country. (source)

  Not available

China doesn't look like a significantly English speaking language - but you have to remember that the people who trade with the outside world are the ones speaking English.

I couldn't find anything on French or German speaking Chinese people. The general consensus seems to be that the business languages are English, Japanese and Korean.
Country  China
 % English speakers 0.8
% As a First Language
Eligible population 1,200,000,000
Total English speakers 10,000,000
As first language
As an additional language[1] 100,000,000
Comments Figures are for English users in mainland China only (i.e. excluding Hong Kong where English is an official language and Macau). The oft-cited figure of 300 million is for "learners."[19]

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