Tuesday, 21 June 2016

EQ2 and the Catch-22

"Unfortunately, technical support is not capable of addressing issues that may be occurring with the server infrastructure.

That sort of thing is monitored by a team of people 24/7, so that server issues can be addressed as they arise." - Daybreak Support.

There's nothing we can really do without a large number of reports about server problems."

a) they won't investigate server problems - that's the job of the next level of staff
b) until they investigate a lot of server problems, the next level of staff is unaware of the issue and won't investigate

This is a classic catch-22. The people running Daybreak might see a rush of people leaving sometimes, but they will have no idea why, because the escalation path is completely broken. It means they don't get bothered by whining customers, but it also means legitimate concerns will never be heard.

My whole group was experiencing the problem. I noticed it happening for days at a time and it's come and gone. It made doing anything but fighting green weak mobs impossible, because then at least the merc could solo them.

I even offered to record and upload it to youtube, but it seems like even if we all had recordings of it, it would still get ignored.

Very frustrating!

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