Tuesday, 7 June 2016

I don't act responsibly - and men have to pay! Yay, equality!!



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I Didn't Take the Pill Correctly, Got Pregnant, and Lied About It ... Twice


7 Jun 2016 05:07:01 UTC

" it was purely a selfish decision to bring these two kids into the world"

Indeed. And only possible because your bad choices are subsidised by men. If we said "no" - you'd be doomed. If you were treated as an equal - your inability to act responsibly would mean you would lose the children - maybe even face paying a man child support.

But because we put women first - way ahead of kids - a woman can do as she pleases and expect others to clean up her messes.

"see the definition of abusive relationship" - one where you lie about birth control because you want kids and don't want to pay for them yourself?

"Do I feel bad about forcing these men into fatherhood?"

Of course not. That would be something *decent* people would do. Of course, in a sex reversed scenario, a man who impregnated a woman by sabotaging the birth control would go to jail, and be treated as a pariah.


"The ACOG’s strategy reflects a growing body of research that identifies reproductive coercion as a unique form of domestic or intimate partner violence" (source)


Are you condemned by Feminists?

Of course not. Excuses are found. The men are - always - responsible for women's bad choices.


Are celebrated by XOJane.

Thanks, Feminism!

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