Saturday, 23 July 2016

Why do I see Feminism as a Hate Movement?

This is one of the many images it creates as propaganda. First it whips up a fear of men - then it offers a solution. "All we have to do is lock them up - put them in ghettos! Take away their rights! Then we can be safe!"
Feminist propaganda, beat for beat, re-uses old Nazi propaganda.

The innocent women is being ravished by the bestial man.

What is the message here?

What solution to this problem do you think they are proposing? (source)
We have heard this before. This was done to the Jews, because the Jews were seen as unsafe. But the fear was whipped up further - finally the only solution was to eliminate them entirely.
The Nazis didn't start with the Gas Chambers.
They proposed curfews first. Then ghettos. Then elimination.

Feminists are lazy genocidal maniacs.

But here's the thing - lets follow the logic through. Imagine all the men are inside from the hours of 9pm to say 8am - they are allowed out to work for women for a while, then kept indoors so women are safe.
Almost every worker on power lines is men.
Feminists never call for quotas
for such dangerous work. (credit)
Because that would make women safe - there are no violent women, no criminal women, no women who rape or steal... Feminists believe this when it's convenient to believe it - despite the many counter-examples. They care nothing for facts, it's always about the feelz.

But what would happen in their fascist utopia? Well, the place would burn.

Woman who failed FDNY physical test 6 times gets another chance

Well, ok - maybe they are lucky and not everyone is torched - but plagues would hit the survivors because men do almost all the sewage work, men do the plumbing, men do the medical work above the level of doctor, men maintain the power lines that supply water pumps with pressure and the power plants themselves.
Power plants are run by men, and require constant vigilance. (source)

Lock men inside and the power plants would shut down or explode. Lock men inside and water would stop flowing. Lock men inside and fresh plagues will slaughter the survivors.
Just another shit job that Feminists never propose quotas for.

Do they not realise what would happen if men were not doing this?

Do they think shit is oppressing them, and they can shame it away?

Now, Feminists at the top know this, in the same way the Nazis in charge knew the Jews weren't doing anything except existing. Feminists never move and form their own nation, like other groups always have in the situation they claim to be in. They never Separate.

They just try and shame men into submission, and rejoice in their female supremacist hatespeech, and then turn around and say

"why are you against equality? why do you hate women?"

whenever you point to posters like this and how fucked up they are for a so-called equality movement.

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