Friday, 19 August 2016

New laws in Australia outlaw silence, being withdrawn

Every single relationship I have ever seen would be regarded as breaking these laws.

And we all know they will only be applied against men. It'll come to a divorce, and her lawyer will say

"Either you give her everything or we destroy you"


"You were silent on June 14th, for 2 hours"

"I was upset!"

"Doesn't matter, that's a crime. On Jan 8th, you argued about domestic chores"

"I had back pain and she wanted me to mow the lawn!"

"This is a serious matter. You do realise arguing is a crime against women?"

"This is insane!"

"Oh, now you are questioning her sanity? You are just digging yourself deeper. And worst of all - you withdrew affection two weeks ago!"


"Shouting! At a woman! What a fiend! Guards, take him away!"

Welcome to the world Feminism has crafted.
Feminists rarely kill with their own hands.

Instead, they hope to push men into doing the deed for them.

Suicide, or death by cop, or death by prison.

The end is all the same.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Criticism of Islam is now hatecrime

Apparently, our lovely Lords and Masters in Parliament passed a bill saying that religious vilification is now hatecrime.

Pointing out, for example, that only one religion pushes gay men out of buildings will get you a fine or a term inside with murderers and rapists, until you learn that it is a religion of peace.

So keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself, unless you are a member of that religion, in which case you now have free rein!

There's no way SocJus will allow you to be prosecuted; instead, they will claim it is the fault of toxic masculinity and capitalism that you raped children and threw a bomb into a hospital.

Indeed, Australia has already seen SocJus rolling out laws that protect discrimination against men - so long as they are white men, of course!

I shall now commit a hatecrime.

This qualifies, as it offends Muslims.

"Vilification can include social media posts, actions in a workplace and wearing clothes, signs or flags that would incite hatred, contempt, ridicule or revulsion."

Yes, ridicule is counted, despite it being the essence of Free Speech - something that Australia agreed to when it signed up to the UN declaration of Human Rights.

How ashamed I am that the Labor Party and Liberal Party - indistinguishable now - voted as one on this.

Even The Guardian agrees this is a step towards tyranny. For fuck's sake - too extreme for The Guardian?!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Mah Musings
Ok, I don't care for the python, but the rest is good.
It’s nuts how attractive I find these ladies. I really don’t care much about movie stars until years later, it seems, not that there’s any option of getting involved irl in any case!
Still, imagine you could get a reasonable facsimile of a filmstar as a sexbot - with at least something of the personality.

Leaving aside how incredibly expensive such things realistically would be... imagine how profitable it’d be to the star who could patent themselves, and sell that as a product for as long as they lived. I mean, everyone ages and loses attractiveness - but Drew aged seventy could still sell Drew aged 25, year after year!

Heck, given an unlimited budget, I’d have these all of these plus... hmmm ... I think there’s enough stars I’d purchase to fill a small village.

Of course, inevitably, they’d turn evil and destroy humanity - but it’d be worth it.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Diary Entry 9th aug, 2016

My back was hurt last night, and i had trouble sleeping. I have chronic back pain amongst other types, so this was just a little bit too much to deal with.

It's a week's wait to see a doctor up here, unless you have money (yay for living in the middle of nowhere!).

I tried ignoring it, barely got any sleep, so thought i'd go to the chemist and buy some codeine.

Now, some years ago, they used to sell "panadeine forte"

Basically codeine is the effective bit and paracetamol is a placebo that also does organ damage, so ideally you want a high codeine - low organ killing placebo - tablet.

However, the gov't decided that bad people might buy the tablets, so restricted them. There was a weaker version which still had codeine but it was back of counter only. Did not used to be a problem as I had gone to the same chemist for 6 years - the staff knows me on sight.

Anyway, I go in today to the one near coles at erina fair - and they refuse to sell it to me. I must have photo id! I point out that i have ID - I have the government issued healthcare ID. No, no, that's unacceptable for healthcare now - you must have a driving license.

I point out the reason I can't drive is because of chronic pain meaning I have the government issued disability ID that they have on record.

What about a passport?

At this point I'm feeling cranky. I explain the reason I can't travel is pretty much the same reason as before.

No. No service without photo ID. Next!, if the government had changed the rules, ok, but then surely it would have made the healthcare ID have a photo on it... it's not exactly difficult. Assuming everyone will drive to get painkillers is ludicrous - no wonder there are so many old people desperate to keep driving long after it's unsafe (and yes, licenses expire and can't be kept as ID).

So I leave and ponder going to another chemist - but they won't have my medical history etc on file like that one does. So even if the gov't hadn't changed policies, they'd refuse me without a script from a GP - it's a catch-22.

I have a look online. Sure, I can get some shipped out in a few days, it'll be very expensive, and it requires a phone call with special conditions that I have to agree to without being able to read them beforehand. Lemme guess - must have photo ID?

Fuck it. Australia voted in a referendum against mandatory photo ID. The gov't is obviously sneaking it in through the back door. I expect I'll cave eventually - they'll make all travel impossible without it or something - but just because they are building a police state doesn't mean i have to help them lay the bricks.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Assorted EQ2 piccies

Niranna, in her combat gear. I like the style of it.

The Skyshrine hub, where missions are handed out, and there are portals than can be accessed with quests.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

"Age's End: Shattered Fate" Strategy Guide

When You zone in, you are safe so long as no one Hails Jorlak

Once you hail Jorlak the script starts, and karfyrm starts the flame rotation from crystal to crystal.

You will get 4 adds that come to the raid at the start, tanks grab these adds and drag them and the entire raid to the first Crystal cubby, any of them will do, no specific order needed.

While you are outside of the cover random mebers of the raid will get a Fire Octagon that spawns on them, make sure you stay out of this as it hits for over 2 million damage.

Once inside the Crystal Cubby you will need to kill the four Crystal Guardians, Tanks hold the extra adds, if you kill them they just respawn, so it is not important to do anything but keep them off our DPS / Healers.

Periodically karafyrm will appear, when this happens you need to run out of the room and hide behind the ramp, be weary of the fire Octagons as they will spawn on someone once outside again. Rinse and repeat this process until the crystal is dead, then run to the next crystal and rinse and repeat!

Into the zone later, as long as no one to hail NPC Jorlak will not start the event. After the event starts, Clough will turn one crystal flame, the air will be under the rain of fire (red circle).

4 small beginning will add, MT pulled directly into crystal belt, DPS focus fire killed four guards around the crystal, this stage is still damage MT those mobs, a treat watching the line. Mobs to kill or be born again, so MT task is to pull mobs. (Because there is a fire outdoors rain or team focused together better).

RL Clough need to always pay attention to the location, once close to inform you as soon as possible to go on both sides of the ramp, go down the slope! After the flame continue to kill the guard and crystal.

-After The 3 Crystals are down make sure you tell your raid NOT TO HAIL OR MOVE. This is important as the next phase can trigger due to proximity (lovely sony bugs right? Lol).

Get your raid set / repaired / buffed etc etc before going back towards Jorlak and hailing him.

Once you hail jorlak phase 2 starts and Karafyrm Corrupts Theer into killing Firiona, when this happens the tank needs to grab theer and pull him to the center ASAP, a healer / mage needs to grab firiona's staff ASAP and you will get a new hotbar with 6 spells as shown below, whoever is going to do the staff needs to memorize these and know what they do, every 20% you will need to cast your "Devine Warding" in order to protect the raid from the nasty detriment that comes.

Save your Stat and heal raid buff for when the uncurable curse hits, will land on three people randomly and they need to be 15 meters from anyone in the raid or it will be a nasty mana / health drain .

During all of this he will do a gravity flux, DO NOT HIT YOUR ARROW KEY ... just let this run its course and it will put you exactly where you took off from. ALL of the fights from here on out are VITALLY important that you STACK, and i mean right on top of each other, no slouching!

After killing the crystal, trimmed team, after the event is over, they do not hail Jorlak, will not be triggered.

Next, Clough will Theer corruption, Firiona Vie attack next, MT stepped forward to pull Theer, Master Professional Firiona Vie get the magic wand on the body. Then it will be more than six skills, mainly to increase blood treatment and strengthen the team, and the resurrection of the team.

The most important skills: Devine Warding.

This ability to boss blood left 20% of the time each fall. Protect the team from a wide range of AE damage. Random process will be hit three people curse untreatable, rapid method to use skills skills husband quickly removed, otherwise it will trigger the mana extraction team. boss there is a skill, will someone to fly, do not touch this task during the arrow keys, will be automatically transferred to the original position, otherwise it will stay away from the team, and provoke to add next.

- After the death of theer, he will port back and fall down dead next to Firiona, now the real zone and challenge actually begins (yes it has been super easy to this point) Swords will spawn at the feet of Theer DO NOT CLICK. THESE YET, as they will start phase 3. So wait let your group get set, repaired / buffed etc etc. there need to be two tanks for this no exception. the main tank needs to be the one to click the swords when the raid is ready for the encounter, but let me explain the necounter first!

Hit 10%, Theer will awaken, and because of corruption, he fell, to seek him play Clough is impossible. But he left the magic jian. Rest team faced the following real test. Prior magic feet or remain in the hands of the previous, MT get magic jian, triggering the final boss.

General Velryyn is one PITA of an encounter, this is the Heal check / DPS check / HP check of the zone, and it does not give any leway on any of these. Need 500k HP on every member in the raid, ABSOLUTELY nothing that procs DMG to group / raid ... NO Relentless items, better off having an empty slot then running that on this fight. Again this mob needs to be tanked in the middle of the zone. The off tank needs to ALWAYS be between Karafyrm and the raid, no exceptions. Karafyrm will port the tank to random spots on the outter ring and smack ya right in the face when it happens, so make sure you can heal yourself and get back to the raid, (Tank needs to use "Bolster of the gods "on the first port," Devine Fortification "on the second port, and" Protection of the Nameless "should cover the off tank for the last 3 ports), if the tank dies the healer that still has the staff (yes the staff still works) needs to use the long range rez on the tank, DO NOT WASTE this rez on anyone else but the off tank.

The final boss is hard battles, sina The best guarantee is to say all of the blood are more than 50W, because regional damage and so on, you think you've been hanging, wanted a way to enhance the next bar. Requires two T, MT pulled boss, map the inner fight, another T stand between the team and Clough, not to Daguai. Clough will every other period of time T is transmitted to the outer ring, vice and damage at any point, so remember, deputy T, you're just the bait, always stay between the team and Clough.

-The Healer with the staff still needs to hit the bubble, every time it is available to cast (Use this on pull) the others buffs are situational, if you notice the raid taking a lot of dmg use your heal / and health boost, use them wisely keep your groups green. during this encounter he will spawn fire octagons at your feet, make sure you move as a raid, and then right back onto his backside afterwards. throughout the entire encounter there is a Flame detriment that stays on the entire raid, the further you are from the named the harder and faster it ticks, now you see why you need to stack! It hit our raid 351 times in 20 minutes for an average of 22k per hit, we stayed at 0 range from the general, the one we failed on people were spready out and it hit for an average of 138k .. huge difference. Nothing about this fight is a burn, it is slow and steady and you will need MAX debuffs from every class sustained at all times . The 3 damage spells from the swords can be chain cast (Tank) so dont worry about saving them!

During the war, everyone concentrated together, the whole region AE, but closer to the boss of the place, the smaller the damage, probably every tick 22k. MT boss in front of the body, all the others except the boss, Vice T are between the legs. T is summoned when the sub-BOSS, MT to click magic jian skills. The first transfer With Bolster of the gods, the second with Devine Fortification, with the third of the Nameless Protection. If the case of tank hung up in front of the husband to take magic skills to quickly revive, do not waste resurrection skills in others.

Other skills husband would look at the timing of the release, the team treatment and increase the therapeutic effect, try to ensure that blood is green team. jian other skills classes are hurt, MT can be used continuously.

-One Last thing !! when the Fire Circle comes and the raid moves, the tank needs to move general about 1/4 of the circle around, otherwise there is a FAIL condition for not moving the General far enough from his previous location .. . you have been warned! Muahahahaha.

As usual, there will be 20% of each event, the rain of fire (red circle) again. BOSS MT to do is pull the inner ring going round in circles. Every turn a 1/4 turn, must be referred to the foot, or BOSS near the fire if too close will send rain squall, a move destroy mission.

Alright guys i am really sorry this is such a long walkthrough and probably a drag to read, one last thing before i say goodnight, both bosses flurry at 15%, it is insanely important that the tanks have deathsaves and evasions up at this point, otherwise you will get one shotted like an assasin lol. Also, our server got the World Wide Achievment for this raid zone with a pug raid at 1:06 pm Yay butcherblock !! ;-) .. i hope this helps everyone that was having trouble and good hunting !!!!

There is one final point, every boss at 15% of the blood goes into a rage, attacks soared, this time you have to take good care of treatment. Less blood is the best time to take turns throwing a redemption, MT themselves with lower death save, evasion and other skills, not the last time the ball dropped (chain brother supposed ~)


and this from an email correspondent:

For easy mode.

Basically you have to grab the Lifeguide and get some special abilities.. Theer will attack. Examine the staff abilities cause I can't remember which one does what, but you have basically a rez from anywhere, a bolster for the raid, a % healer and a cure spell.

Use the cure spell when he curses people with incurables. Use the % healer when he says something about gods. Use bolster whenever up and rez whenever someone is far away.

If you get knocked back do not press any buttons as he pulls you back in, if you move you will over shoot badly.

At level 100 he should be easy. Just burn him.

General - One of you needs the swords and someone else needs lifeguide. I did the swords for this section so I don't remember what the life guide having person needs to do.

Basically you have to fight him, move out of circles when they appear on the ground, and the person with the swords needs to tab around to find Kerefym, run over to him and tank him using the swords. I also used potions and temp buffs to keep myself alive while I did it.

Should be an easy peasy fight if you have a decent force in heroic gear.


this write up is from the guild Revelations

Here's a run down of the RT fight in Challenge Mode for those who weren't in raid (General is currently broken/a joke, so I won't discuss that).

The sustained damage (Godly Presence) increases the longer the fight goes on, much like Irdul. During our 10 minute kill pull, it started out hitting for 150k every 3 seconds, and ended up hitting for 550k.

Every 35ish seconds, he casts the the uncurable curse (Godly Radiance) 3 times on the 3 farthest people away from him (you can see him cast it). The curse lasts about 2 full curse cycles (70ish seconds), and will often be reapplied just as it is wearing off. Every person who has a curse needs to stay at least 6m away from everyone else, or else they will get stunned and power drained by an uncurable trauma.

Every 67 seconds (not sure if swipeable, we had swipe) he will cast Godly Draw, the knock-back and knock-in. If you move during this, you may end up in a different spot. Healing is very sketchy during this, because you can't cast spells in mid-air.

Every 20%, he will do his "Prepare yourselves!" emote, and cast Divine Destruction 4 seconds later. This can be avoided by being inside the bubble from Divine Warding. The curses will need to be cured with Abolish Ailments before jousting in, to avoid spreading the trauma. It's also important to stop 2 or 1% before a threshhold and wait for the next curse cycle to hit before curing it and jousting in, otherwise curses will hit when everyone is in the bubble.

After every Divine Destruction cycle (and also at the start of the fight), 2 cs will spawn in randomly locations around the room (a Growing Primal Force). They start at very low hp, and heal a few percent every few seconds. If allowed to reach full hp, they wipe the raid. A group needs to run out and kill them before returning to the named. Unfortunately, unlike other fights with sustained damage such as Zlandicar or Irdul, this fight does not allow casting on the run (except for Lifeguide spells). Moving is also made difficult by the fact that curses will be on people at the time, and won't be curable because Abolish Ailments will be down from the previous Destruction cycle. Staying together is very important.
After the 20% cycle, the totems can be ignored if you can kill the named in time.

Now some hints about Lifeguide. The reuse and durations have been changed a bit from beta.

Touch of Nature has two uses: either as an extra heal while running to/from totems, or during a knockback. I prefer saving it for the knockback, simply because no one else in the raid can do anything while in the air. I often end up using it during a totem run, though, if it looks like someone might die (deaths are very difficult to recover from later in the fight).

Divine Warding actually heals for the entire 15 seconds the bubble is up, despite what the text might indicate. It ticks every 3 seconds. You don't have to be inside the bubble to get the healing, but it is much higher if you are. Unfortunately, the reuse is quite long and the timer doesn't start until the spell wears off, so I had a very hard time trying to fit it in outside of the Destruction cycles.

Nature's Divine Blessing is useful to increase max hp on the move, but it's relatively weak. I usually just cast it whenever it's up.

Guidance Through Divinity lasts for 30 seconds now, and has a 45 recast (I think). Cast whenever it's up.

Abolish Strong Ailments is used to cure all the curses before jousting in for a Destruction cycle. I can usually fit in another cure just after a totem run, but it has limited usefulness at that point since no one is moving.

Bestow Life rezzes the entire raid without a confirmation box. Useful earlier in in the fight, not so useful at the end when people die shortly after getting up.

Monday, 1 August 2016

NSFW: Feminists HATE sluts!

Feminism is here to shame all those damned sluts!

Prominent Feminist Taslima Nasreen tweeted:

"Here’s Melania Trump (right), America’s would-be first lady."

She was very excited by a chance to humiliate the slut who made her feel so ugly... I mean, who was terribly exploited by the Patriarchy and who needed saving from herself!

Feminist Initiative, Sweden's Feminist Political Party

Did she not read the memo? No proper Feminists likes that?

the one on the left actually identified as a woman,
in which case it's perfectly proper!
I mean, I would have thought she'd be pleased to see women lying with other women, rather than being a horrible penis-loving gender traitor!

"Desi narrowminded conservative misogynist men"

If they are misogynistic, they hate women. It seems a bit strange that they'd be applauding this woman if they hated all women. This is a typical feminist tactic - when men say anything you don't like, just hit them with the slur that they hate all women.

Remember when a pop song drove Feminism into a frenzy?

You had a blonde white woman being used as an object!


But it was by a black woman,
so that is the right sort of objectification!

Defining yourself as a body part is strong and empowering!

It's a terrible thing to say, because if there's one weakness men have is that most of them would give their lives for the women they love. But because the slur is impossible to disprove, feminists sling it about with malicious glee. They really are an appalling bunch!

But this is the strawman she's built here. Everyone mocking her hypocrisy in slutshaming Melania is being painted as conservative (which to Feminists automatically is heavily loaded with preconceptions - and is farcically untrue, many antifeminists are classically liberal).
Gay men who like Trump are clearly just narrow minded misogynists!

As for painting us as narrow-minded? Sweety, you're the one getting her knickers in a twist at the thought a woman might like to do things that make men's naughty bits stand up!
Feminists are happy to parade about with their vulvas hanging out

- but should you feel lust, they are ready with the shame!

So long as you are male, of course!

"Pornography/prostitution has nothing to do with women's emancipation"

Bullshit. Making money gives you power. Which is why people do it. You go down a coal mine or up a power line because it pays the bills, even when it means risking your life. Modelling or sex work is no different. Some people might enjoy their jobs, but almost all workers are doing it because they have to.
Feminism has no consistency.

Is sex work bad or good?
Do strippers need to be saved?
Is it ok for women to want men?

The only certainty is: "Men bad! Women good!"

That's how reality works. You don't get free stuff because you deserve it. You have to earn the stuff you want.

Feminists are naive communists. They think they can overthrow capitalism and have it that women just get free stuff because vagina.


Outside of fantasy, food does not rain down from the sky. Houses do not build themselves. We earn our bread with the sweat from our brows and the blood from our blistered hands.

It's totally ok for female reporters to leer at and fondle a male athlete - but if this was gender reversed? Rape culture! Misogyny! Hatecrime!

"...something to do with sexual objectification"... something which has never been proven to exist, and is simply asserted time and again, a matter of faith.

Feminism: the doctrine that it is bad if a man does it, and good if a woman does it.

A man gazes with lust at a woman. The lust transforms her from a person into an object.

Only if it's a man, mind you. Feminists believe that female lust is pure. If women do to men what men do to women - it's totally ok, because... vagina!

This woman is too pretty! Unacceptable!!!

This nudity is acceptable to Feminism!
It does not cause boners!


But let's imagine a genie decided to make Feminist dogma true, and male lust could indeed 'objectify' women.

Why the hell would men allow them to be CEOS, Queens, even the leaders of Empires? Why would men commit suicide when their wives died, but not when their cars died? Why would a crime against a woman be treated so much more seriously than against a man?

And why would we punish women with jail sentences if we men thought of them as objects? Wouldn't we just destroy defective units?
It's funny how non-feminist countries have no problem with female soldiers,
but feminist countries see women as weak, in need of protection.

Why the fuck would men give objects the vote? Give them guns and bombs and tanks? Give them the power to take life at a whim?

Feminist 'objectification' is superstitious clap-trap.



See Also:

Women 'objectify men more than vice versa:

"Although all participants spent the majority of their viewing time looking at the genitals, female faces, and female bodies in the photos, women using hormonal contraceptives looked more often at the background of the photos and clothing than did men. That study also found that men looked more often at the female actors’ faces in the pictures than did women."


Feminists can imprison men for off-colour jokes

Paloma Brierley Newton speaking to reporters outside court.
Paloma successful imprisoned a man for hatecrime, after he sent her a joke she didn't like.

When asked why she didn't just block him, she replied "why do you hate all women?"
Yes, that was a joke. She really did have him destroyed, however.

31 Jul 2016 21:52:32 UTC

"Zane Alchin, 25, from Caringbah, was sentenced ... for using a carriage service to menace"

So what did he say that was so terrible?

"feminists don’t get any action, so when you rape them it feels 100 times tighter”

This is obviously a joke, as even rapists don't want to stick their dicks in... her... (*shudder*)

"to menace"?

How was he menacing anyone?

Feminists joke about drowning boy babies
just in case
they grow up to become antifeminists.

It's totally cool when they do it, amiright?
He might have been annoying, true, but he made no credible threats. Heck, I remember hearing jokes about tossing babies into blenders. Don't recall anyone being arrested for hatecrime back then.

Perhaps it was because we understood that making a joke is nothing like actually doing something?

This man didn't threaten anyone, all he did was make a few crude jokes. Now, I agree they are in bad taste - but if you don't want to read his stuff, it's trivial to block someone on facebook.

Feminists justify laughing at the weeping of men as being a joke...

They justify laughing at the genocide of men as a joke..

... and physical assault? That's fucking hilarious to Feminists!

What feminists have decided is not only that they don't want to hear jokes directed at them, but you aren't allowed to make them in the first place. And they are the ones running the country.

Feminists constantly make the claim that they are an oppressed class, savaged by evil man-beasts as a part of the global conspiracy by all men against all women.

This is from a feminist video clip, where she is pretending to rape a man with a dildo as a joke.
It is perfectly legal, because a feminist is doing it.

If a man made the gender reversed joke, it would be a crime.
Fainting Couch Feminists
are always ready to be offended,
always ready to be threatened,
always ready to claim to be powerless.

Yet they can get men destroyed on a whim.

Who, exactly, is powerless?

Who, exactly, is the oppressed?

Parodying Feminism is now hatecrime?
Why is it Feminists cannot take a joke?

Morgan was one of the founders of Modern Feminism,
and has
- with the aid of other man-haters like Dworkin
- shaped the movement in her image.

Feminists write our laws.

Feminists hate half of humanity.

Why do we give them that power?

Who is really in power here?

Who is it who gets to ruin someone's life over a joke?


Apparently I wasn't sufficiently clear when i said I was joking about Paloma imprisoning a man. He is currently at large, albeit with severe restrictions on his freedom, and - potentially -  will remain so.

The planet he was living on, however, was not so lucky.

Feminists do not forgive, and they do not forget. Consider yourself warned.