Thursday, 11 August 2016

Criticism of Islam is now hatecrime

Apparently, our lovely Lords and Masters in Parliament passed a bill saying that religious vilification is now hatecrime.

Pointing out, for example, that only one religion pushes gay men out of buildings will get you a fine or a term inside with murderers and rapists, until you learn that it is a religion of peace.

So keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself, unless you are a member of that religion, in which case you now have free rein!

There's no way SocJus will allow you to be prosecuted; instead, they will claim it is the fault of toxic masculinity and capitalism that you raped children and threw a bomb into a hospital.

Indeed, Australia has already seen SocJus rolling out laws that protect discrimination against men - so long as they are white men, of course!

I shall now commit a hatecrime.

This qualifies, as it offends Muslims.

"Vilification can include social media posts, actions in a workplace and wearing clothes, signs or flags that would incite hatred, contempt, ridicule or revulsion."

Yes, ridicule is counted, despite it being the essence of Free Speech - something that Australia agreed to when it signed up to the UN declaration of Human Rights.

How ashamed I am that the Labor Party and Liberal Party - indistinguishable now - voted as one on this.

Even The Guardian agrees this is a step towards tyranny. For fuck's sake - too extreme for The Guardian?!!

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