Friday, 19 August 2016

New laws in Australia outlaw silence, being withdrawn

Every single relationship I have ever seen would be regarded as breaking these laws.

And we all know they will only be applied against men. It'll come to a divorce, and her lawyer will say

"Either you give her everything or we destroy you"


"You were silent on June 14th, for 2 hours"

"I was upset!"

"Doesn't matter, that's a crime. On Jan 8th, you argued about domestic chores"

"I had back pain and she wanted me to mow the lawn!"

"This is a serious matter. You do realise arguing is a crime against women?"

"This is insane!"

"Oh, now you are questioning her sanity? You are just digging yourself deeper. And worst of all - you withdrew affection two weeks ago!"


"Shouting! At a woman! What a fiend! Guards, take him away!"

Welcome to the world Feminism has crafted.
Feminists rarely kill with their own hands.

Instead, they hope to push men into doing the deed for them.

Suicide, or death by cop, or death by prison.

The end is all the same.

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