Thursday, 15 September 2016

Review: Nuka World (Spoilers!)

I sort out my equipment, strapping on guns, guns and more guns. I'm going to need them!

Spoilers ahead:

Well, I went through Nuka World.  I loved the scenery, and the funhouse especially.

 I found the story about the quest to save people from turning into ferals enjoyable and moving - but found it frustrating that i couldn't mention being the leader of the Minutemen, that I had a settlement of ghouls, and was friends with GoodNeighbour who would have loved to have known of a solution, and all of them would have funded research.

Heck, I wanted to make Oswald live on an island with his ferals, and only deal with him via electronics, in case it was his presence that was turning them. That would have been a twist!

I kinda wish i could recruit Oswald to run this place again
- he was a heck of a showman.

My career seems to involve a lot of joining groups,
only to turn on them and kill off their members.

Looking down from my Penthouse view.
Wouldn't it be cool if they had made it all developable as settlements?
I mean, there are mods that sort of work - but they are always buggy, and struggle with litter etc.

But I'd love to have looked down as the ruler of this town.

I just didn't want to rule over treacherous psychopaths. Sue me.
Perhaps I should stock the pond with carp...

But you don't get any of those choices - i guess the voice acting limitation won again.

Well, what about with the raiders? Are they reformable? Well, one tribe was, in an earlier game, but the three here just seem to be evil. The Disciples just seemed to be the worst, the Operators to have potential. But changing them is not an option.

Heck, changing Gage isn't either. In fact, he telepathically knows as soon as you kill one of the mob bosses, regardless of the fact I used the Sandman kill in the middle of the night.

All the raiders knew. Being stealthy or persuasive is out - it's time to slaughter until the streets run red.

I stumbled over Gage, who went from practically professing his love for me to insta-hate.

Hey, why was he loyal to the raiders, who made it clear they were going to kill him if his plan to have me as the new overboss failed?

Why wasn't there an option for him to walk in exile, or even be recruited as an agent for the Commonwealth? Worse men than him have served as agents of the crown.

So i shoot and I shoot and I shoot and I shoot and they are all dead. Jeez, even the Institute had some option for saving some of them.

There's beautiful artwork in Fallout, I love constructing settlements (especially modded) - but argh, it really disappoints me as a game.

Sometimes I find the panorama
of my creations
rather breathtaking!

(But I wish i could fix the bloody rooves!)

I dunno, maybe they should just sell the construction game separately from the shoot-em-up!

Still, the holes do allow for easy access
if anyone wants to join me in my viewing pleasures...
I loot the bodies. Can I turn the place into a settlement at least?

Nope, not an option.

The traders inform me they'll be running the place for themselves, without joining the Minutemen even, despite remaining helpless; despite being ripe for the next group of thugs to take over.

So what was their big plan? The Raiders were going to take over the Commonwealth?

It was never going to happen.

The BoS have air power - they could have dropped nukes on raider towns from the sky, and every settlement would have turned to swear fealty to them if the Minutemen failed to protect them.

"So you freed me - am i supposed to feel grateful?"
And the Institute - well, the raiders didn't seem to even be aware of them.

The neurological weapons the raiders had - the persuasion gas, for example - wouldn't have worked on synths, but would have been refined even further by a hi-tech organisation that specialised in biochemistry. The Institute could have teleported them in everywhere they wanted...

I will say, I think the pink rifles are just adorable!

The Raiders were only good at pillaging weak groups, making them weaker, making them die, in a world where humanity was already struggling.

They might have caused the Commonwealth to implode, before they died out themselves at the hands of their many enemies. Which included themselves, they turned on each other very quickly.

So what did I think of it as a DLC? It was okay. I had a season pass, which did the job. I think if you wanted to play as an evil character, and had this right from the start, then it would be good value.

I found Automatron to be more engaging, and it had a little more choice involved as well - I'd have to rate it as the best DLC, followed by Far Harbour.

I prefer playing as the hero, because, well, evil's just ... mundane I guess. But that's my taste. If you want to let the darker side of your nature rip - this is the one for you!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Blackface, whiteface and aussieface.

No-one really does blackface nowadays anyway.

Bert Williams. A black man doing blackface. I wonder what he thought of it all?

What is blackface? A caricature used in entertainment. Usually involves singing. Sure, the people are shown as buffoons, but that’s done of every ethnic grouping.

Even to poor kittens, alas. Always being stereotyped.

I’m Australian, and if you want to dress up as a silly caricature of my nation, I don’t care. Knock yourself out.

Preferably with the Adelaide ‘96, a smashing white wine with an lovely afterburn coming and going.

The thing is, it’s only racist if you genuinely believe that certain people are inferior on the basis of race.

Did Tim genuinely believe South Africans looked or acted like that?

Of course not. It’s a joke. It’s funny because it’s in bad taste.

When Snoop Dog does ‘white guy’, no-one gets offended. It’s a joke. We get it. There’s no malice.

Dwyane Wade Dressing as Justin Timberlake for Halloween.

A caricature of a popular celebrity? Oh no! How terrible!

Don’t care. It’s a joke.

This skit is geoblocked here, but it looks funny. Key & Peele In a sketch called "Das Negros" where two Black men are hiding from the Nazis--disguised as white Germans.

Seriously, the way to disempower things like blackface is to do blackface. Or whiteface, or yellowface, or Avatar-blue-face - it doesn’t matter.

By disconnecting the malice from the situation, by desensitising rather than the SocJus super-sensitising process... you change it from something that genuinely hurt people to a quaint reflection of a time that has passed.

When I hear jokes about Australians being convicts, i don’t find them funny, not because they insult my ancestors, but because that lacks wit. Genuinely looking into the absurdity of the time makes for good humour.

This is the sort of thing that was done to my ancestors. They would be put into masks designed to dehumanise them, and not allowed to speak to other prisoners. How that was supposed to make them better human beings I shall never understand.

But it’s funny too - because it is so fucking over the top.

Look at the size of those chains! Push that a bit further, make it caricature, and you have an excellent costume.

Desensitisation is important.

The reason this officer can endure the naked aggression of this woman is because he has had an officer shouting at him. He learned how to cope in a less dangerous situation and can now deal with her without taking his pistol and removing her brain from her skull, like most people would.

He is desensitised.

Here we have desensitisation training for someone afraid of spiders. (source)

Note: this is the exact opposite of how SoJus manages things, with it's trigger warnings and 'microaggressions' and 'safespace'.

And here we have the outcome. The phobia is gone. Until she visits Australia and something that size but venomous and aggressive spots her from across the room and runs her down like... but enough of my childhood...

We don't live in an era where white people are roaming about, looking to lynch a black man for touching a white woman. Black people have no sane reason to fear white people. If anything, in the US, black people should fear black people. Black on black violence is terrible, but it seems largely ignored.

The direction SocJus has taken instead is to make people neurotics, rather than helping them - to create a blind phobia, a fear and hatred of my kind.

The fact that many of them are white men themselves doesn't stop them in the slightest - these masters of doublethink imagine they are the exceptions to their rule, or that by punishing other white people, they eradicate the Original Sin of their birth.

Self-loathing flagellators are nothing new.

Place Everywhere incompatible with current version of Fallout 4?

I was going nuts trying to use Place Everywhere.

Finally figured out there was a minute difference between the version of fallout the dll supplied supported, and the one supplied by Steam.

Not documented in Place Everywhere except as "don't use the beta!" - I don't remember ticking using the beta in Steam as an option, or maybe the modder is just misusing the term.

Oh well. I have fallout 4 script extender in place, and i think i understand it.

I really want to use Place Everywhere because I am sick at not being about to wall off sections to stop raiders, which is a problem in some of the city settlements where gaps in the scenery are big enough for them to get through but not big enough for placeable objects.

Also, mods that clean up rubbish also tend to leave you without navmeshing, which means you can't place objects at that point. Apparently the game devs cut corners in places like "The Castle".

Update: 9/9/16, 6:34 am - the mod author has updated, and also is mentioning the version number of fallout that the mod is compatible with - maybe they realised that "don't use the beta!" is not very helpful in this context! Trying it out now - oooh, so exciting!

F4SE runtime: initialize (version = 0.2.5 010700F0 01D20982EB5C74FA, os = 6.1 (7601))
imagebase = 000000013F070000
reloc mgr imagebase = 000000013F070000
plugin directory = E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\
checking plugin E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\\place.dll

plugin E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\\place.dll (00000001 PlaceEverywhere plugin 00000010) reported as incompatible during query

dll = E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\\f4se_1_7_15.dll

Current Version of Fallout -

Monday, 5 September 2016

Shower Time! Playing around with CWSS Redux

CWSS Redux

Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets Urinals etc

by steve40 and FLipdeezy

Codsworth is watching out for the mosquitoes!

Soap. Soap! Do you know how much I have missed you?

Now if only I had some shampoo...

I don't remember soap having this handy finger twirling action!

Damn that Codsworth, always hogging the spotlight. Whatta ham!

Hot water! What apocalypse, I ask you?

I highly recommend this mod. Washing is not just fun, but creates a useful buff and decontaminates you of radiation!

Piper! Stop hogging all the water!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Trying Fallout 4 again

Very heavily modded; just spent all day trying to get it to play nice. Still noticing crashes, and that items are not showing up in the settlement categories, despite the fact that they are supposed to since a patch a while back.

I'm tempted to try the settlement keywords extender to see if that helps but it was a nightmare last time around.

Still, some things that should be listed were much loved, like coloured lights. Do I really want to play without them?

Pam. Name chosen because Codsworth can pronounce it. Besides, "Boobies" was the alternative, and frankly, that's redundant.

My explanation for the weird skin texture is she's a cyborg - it also explains her absurdly high damage resistance, etc. Who says The Institute is the only hi-tech secret society?

Told you. But what's with the legs? I'd say the clothing isn't working properly due to bodyslide... might have to redo it, ugh.

On the plus side, I look pretty freaky!

Mods Used:

Lowered Weapons - DLC Addon - Lowered Weapons - DLC Addon - FullAnimation5/08/2016 5:12:16 PM5/08/2016 5:11:56 PM
550831.1 / 1.1alexbull_uk
Lowered Weapons - Lowered Weapons 1.1Animation5/08/2016 5:11:36 PM5/08/2016 5:11:06 PM
11971.1 / 1.1lesma666
Adventurer Outfit - Adventurer Outfit 2KArmour16/08/2016 11:47:35 PM16/08/2016 11:44:43 PM
376711.1 / 1.1Deserter X
Apocalypse Attire - CBBE - Apocalypse Attire 1.1Armour17/08/2016 12:05:54 AM1/09/2016 4:08:44 PM
437041.1 / 1.1Elianora
Armored Leotard - Ultimate Nuka Sweetroll EditionArmour31/08/2016 3:09:05 PM31/08/2016 2:14:01 PM
663681.5 / 1.5Apalmemnom
Armorsmith Extended - AE Merged Deserter X v1.1Armour30/08/2016 4:43:16 PM30/08/2016 4:26:05 PM
484773.01 / 3.02Gambit77
Armorsmith Extended - AE Merged Elianora v1.1Armour30/08/2016 4:15:12 PM30/08/2016 4:15:08 PM
485453.01 / 3.02Gambit77
Armorsmith Extended - Armorsmith Automatron DLC v3.1Armour1/09/2016 3:58:53 PM1/09/2016 3:58:44 PM
719243.1 / 3.11Gambit77
Armorsmith Extended - Armorsmith Extended v3.11Armour1/09/2016 1:37:32 PM1/09/2016 1:31:20 PM
721113.11 / 3.11Gambit77
Armorsmith Extended - Armorsmith Far Harbor v3.1Armour1/09/2016 4:00:07 PM1/09/2016 3:59:54 PM
719253.1 / 3.11Gambit77
Armorsmith Extended - Armorsmith Nuka World v3.1Armour1/09/2016 4:00:34 PM1/09/2016 4:00:31 PM
719283.1 / 3.11Gambit77
Armorsmith Extended - Armorsmith Vault-Tec DLC v3.1Armour1/09/2016 4:01:12 PM2/09/2016 5:36:57 PM
719273.1 / 3.11Gambit77
Chem I Care Outfit Vanilla-CBBE - B. Chem I Care Outfit CBBEArmour30/08/2016 4:40:56 PM30/08/2016 4:24:21 PM
380551.3 / 1.3Deserter X
Commonwealth Mini Dresses Vanilla-CBBE-JB - BA. Commonwealth Mini Dresses CBBE with BodyslideArmour30/08/2016 4:41:08 PM30/08/2016 4:26:59 PM
376771.4 / 1.4Deserter X
Commonwealth Shorts Vanilla-CBBE-JB - B. Commonwealth Shorts CBBEArmour26/08/2016 12:24:21 AM26/08/2016 12:22:37 AM
393702.0 / 2.0Deserter X
Concealed Armors - Concealed ArmorArmour18/08/2016 6:17:26 AM18/08/2016 6:14:31 AM
241931.3 / 1.3Nisas
Concealed Armors Automatron DLC supported - Concealed Armors DLC supportedArmour18/08/2016 6:18:28 AM18/08/2016 6:18:18 AM
477991.0 / 1.0meigong119
Courser X-92 Power Suit CBBE and PipBoy (Pip-Boy) - A. Courser X-92 Power SuitArmour30/08/2016 4:41:17 PM30/08/2016 4:26:25 PM
377831.55 / 1.55Deserter X
Courser X-92 Power Suit Male Addon - Courser X-92 Power Suit Male 1_2Armour30/08/2016 4:41:33 PM30/08/2016 4:25:38 PM
396521.2 / 1.2Nivea
Eli's Armour Collection Remade - Vanilla and CBBE - Eli's Armour Collection 3.4 - CBBEArmour26/08/2016 12:34:31 AM26/08/2016 12:32:58 AM
368153.4CBBE / 3.4Elianora
Eli's Rugged Outfits - CBBE - Eli's Rugged Outfits 1.0Armour26/08/2016 12:31:15 AM26/08/2016 12:28:33 AM
371871.0 / 1.0Elianora
Eli's Sleeveless Outfits (VANILLA and CBBE) - Eli's Sleeveless Outfits 2.3 - CBBEArmour31/08/2016 2:02:40 PM31/08/2016 1:56:30 PM
344242.3CBBE / 2.3Elianora
Hoodless BOS Field Scribe's Hat - V1.0Armour26/08/2016 12:31:18 AM26/08/2016 12:29:30 AM
412051.0 / 1.0Bordraw
Jackets and Coats of the Commonwealth - Jacket of the commonwealth - ENArmour31/08/2016 1:55:34 PM31/08/2016 1:31:46 PM
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Quieter SettlementsAudio - SFX31/08/2016 3:13:32 PM31/08/2016 3:13:01 PM
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All-in-one Settlement Solution - AIO SS v1.1Cheats and God items30/08/2016 5:28:21 PM30/08/2016 5:28:10 PM
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Easy Lockpicking - Easy LockpickingCheats and God items30/08/2016 5:20:18 PM30/08/2016 5:20:00 PM
4231.0 / 1.0The Iron Rose
Rich Merchants - Rich Merchants 1.1Cheats and God items30/08/2016 5:28:12 PM30/08/2016 5:21:23 PM
105501.1 / 1.1OverClocked56
Skip Far Harbor Memory Puzzle - Puzzle Skipper 9000 GTX Bat FileCheats and God items
1/09/2016 1:10:01 PM
556701337 / 1337Elianora
Agent Outfit - Agent Outfit - CBBEClothing30/08/2016 4:31:46 PM30/08/2016 4:27:46 PM
388751.0 / 1.0Ellise
Apocalypse Accessories - Glasses - Scarves - Bags - Apocalypse Accessories - CBBEClothing16/08/2016 11:56:32 PM16/08/2016 11:55:12 PM
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CBBE-Bodyslide Underwear mesh WIP - Wearable Underwear v0.8bClothing31/08/2016 3:09:14 PM31/08/2016 2:02:33 PM
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DMJ Remix -CBBE- - DMJ Remix -CBBE-Clothing19/08/2016 5:08:15 PM19/08/2016 5:07:32 PM
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Expanded Ballistic Weave - Ballistic BandanasClothing30/08/2016 6:41:21 PM30/08/2016 6:37:25 PM
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Expanded Ballistic Weave - Expanded Ballistic WeaveClothing30/08/2016 6:41:24 PM30/08/2016 6:37:18 PM
522711.10 / 1.10A Can Of Win
JC - Shirt and Jeans - JC - Shirt and Jeans AWKCRClothing19/08/2016 5:46:56 PM19/08/2016 5:09:41 PM
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Latex Suits - Plain - Nurse - Corset - Dress - Zero Suit Samus - for CBBE and Bodyslide - Bodyslide DataClothing31/08/2016 1:49:39 PM31/08/2016 1:31:16 PM
349801.3.2 /
Latex Suits - Plain - Nurse - Corset - Dress - Zero Suit Samus - for CBBE and Bodyslide - Latex Nurse Suit Outfit 1:49:32 PM31/08/2016 1:31:06 PM
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Latex Suits - Plain - Nurse - Corset - Dress - Zero Suit Samus - for CBBE and Bodyslide - Latex NurseSuit - Crafting Workbenches PatchClothing31/08/2016 1:49:41 PM31/08/2016 1:32:08 PM
351861.3.2.1 /
NanoSuitClothing30/08/2016 6:40:14 PM30/08/2016 5:48:21 PM
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SuitDreams - Sexy Female Clothes pack CBBE - SuitDreams_BodyslideClothing27/08/2016 6:31:40 PM27/08/2016 6:26:50 PM
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SuitDreams - Sexy Female Clothes pack CBBE - SuitDreams_Main filesClothing5/08/2016 6:18:03 PM27/08/2016 6:22:10 PM
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SuitDreams - Sexy Female Clothes pack CBBE - suitdreams_Textures pack 1024x1024Clothing2/09/2016 12:38:42 PM27/08/2016 6:23:44 PM
345281.2 / 1.4.2Darklynxxx
SuitDreams - Sexy Female Clothes pack CBBE - suitdreams_textures pack 2048x2048Clothing5/08/2016 6:35:33 PM5/08/2016 6:35:23 PM
345291.2 / 1.4.2Darklynxxx
The Secretary (Outfit-CBBE) - Secretary OutfitClothing19/08/2016 5:05:02 PM19/08/2016 11:10:31 AM
Vanilla Patrolman Sunglasses replacement - Police glasses replacerClothing26/08/2016 12:30:56 AM26/08/2016 12:30:18 AM
432600.1 / 0.1Ascendia
Vanilla Patrolman Sunglasses replacement - Police glasses stand-aloneClothing26/08/2016 12:35:48 AM26/08/2016 12:35:24 AM
432960.1 / 0.1Ascendia
Classy Cait - Better Makeup Cleaner Face Textures - Classy Cait - Better Makeup Cleaner Face TexturesCompanions19/08/2016 8:02:55 AM19/08/2016 4:48:21 AM
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Craftable Armor SizeCrafting - Equipment19/08/2016 10:50:42 PM19/08/2016 10:48:26 PM
372201.3.0 / 1.3.0John Doe Bowler
Legendary ModificationCrafting - Equipment31/08/2016 1:36:31 PM31/08/2016 1:34:11 PM
262901.75 / 1.75teaLz
Legendary Modification EnhancedCrafting - Equipment31/08/2016 1:49:47 PM31/08/2016 1:37:20 PM
409681.3 / 1.3GokuGX
More Weaves - No Railroad - More WeavesCrafting - Equipment31/08/2016 2:03:41 PM31/08/2016 1:56:42 PM
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Art Connoisseur SystemCrafting - Home17/08/2016 12:06:48 AM17/08/2016 12:05:39 AM
670481.03 / 1.03.1Zoran
Art Connoisseur System ... a ''Frame'' work - ACS Master 1.03.1 Mesh FixCrafting - Home17/08/2016 12:06:51 AM17/08/2016 12:05:19 AM
675191.03.1 / 1.03.1Zoran
Atom Bomb Pinups Paintings - Atom Bomb Pinups Paintings - Standalone 5.03Crafting - Home17/08/2016 12:18:03 AM17/08/2016 12:10:42 AM
670515.03 / 5.03.1Zoran
Automatron Unlocked - Automatron UnlockedCrafting - Home18/08/2016 6:20:00 AM18/08/2016 6:13:52 AM
49773v1.0 / v1.0Robbie
Better Beds - Poster and Comics - Pack 2 - Poster and Comics - Better bedsCrafting - Home19/08/2016 12:36:11 AM18/08/2016 11:38:52 PM
29089v0.1 / v0.1Nikonthenet
Better Beds - Poster and Comics - Pack 3 - Poster and Comics - Better bedsCrafting - Home19/08/2016 12:53:17 AM19/08/2016 12:52:07 AM
30358v0.1 / v0.1Nikonthenet
Better Workshop LightsCrafting - Home19/08/2016 12:55:33 AM19/08/2016 12:55:00 AM
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Construction Light ConfiguratorCrafting - Home27/08/2016 6:23:08 PM26/08/2016 1:11:14 AM
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Increased Build Limit Enhanced 4K - DD_Is_a_god_All IN One Enhanced Build LimitCrafting - Home19/08/2016 8:11:51 AM19/08/2016 8:10:30 AM
55353Epic.2.0 / Epic.2.0DDProductions83
Just Rugs - Friffy_Fixed Rugs_v3 - CompleteCrafting - Home31/08/2016 4:07:14 PM31/08/2016 4:04:46 PM
39259v3 / v3friffy
Lovers Luxury bed - The Lady Killer (STANDALONE - MYBed) - 2k (MYBed) Lovers Luxury Bed - the LADY KILLERCrafting - Home18/08/2016 11:37:53 PM18/08/2016 11:35:44 PM
27117v0.3 / v0.3Nikonthenet
NorthlandDiggers Resources - Animals - Landscape - Garden and more... - NorthlandDiggers 1.4Crafting - Home30/08/2016 4:56:45 PM30/08/2016 4:56:33 PM
652031.4 / 1.4ludvig08
NorthlandDiggers Resources - Animals - Landscape - Garden and more... - NorthlandDiggers SummerRose MergeCrafting - Home30/08/2016 4:56:48 PM30/08/2016 4:55:48 PM
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Renovated Decorations - Renovated DecorationsCrafting - Home1/09/2016 4:15:10 PM31/08/2016 4:04:07 PM
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Renovated Furniture - Renovated Furniture 4.0Crafting - Home31/08/2016 4:03:13 PM31/08/2016 3:25:16 PM
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Solar Panels - Solar PowerCrafting - Home30/08/2016 5:02:27 PM30/08/2016 4:58:45 PM
687491.2 / 1.2Andrew van Sickle
Steel Harvester - Steel Scrapyard Sheds - Scrapyard Harvest Shed v2.0Crafting - Home26/08/2016 1:00:51 AM26/08/2016 12:59:25 AM
291882.0 / 2.0The Dark Vale
Vault 88 double budget - vault88 budget x2Crafting - Home18/08/2016 6:27:31 AM18/08/2016 6:24:26 AM
700940.1 / 0.1virtuaadri
Vault-Tec DLC - Snappable Vault Floor-mats - Snappable Vault-Tec Floor-matsCrafting - Home20/08/2016 3:21:23 PM20/08/2016 3:19:54 PM
702751.0 / 1.0Dynamic
WETEnvironment1/09/2016 5:57:55 PM1/09/2016 5:06:41 PM
608901.73 / 1.73SparrowPrince
Another Better Miniguns Plugin - Another Better Miniguns PluginGameplay Effects and Changes16/08/2016 11:47:37 PM16/08/2016 11:47:33 PM
368891.0 / 1.0ME
Carry Weight ModificationsGameplay Effects and Changes1/09/2016 5:58:56 PM1/09/2016 5:58:11 PM
39342.0 / 2.0The Iron Rose
Classic V.A.T.S. - Classic V.A.T.S.Gameplay Effects and Changes26/08/2016 12:52:55 AM26/08/2016 12:43:00 AM
15231.1 / 1.1Troy Irving
Configurable Power Armor Fusion Core DrainGameplay Effects and Changes26/08/2016 1:08:39 AM26/08/2016 1:08:07 AM
38661.6 / 1.6RAWberry400
Easy Hacking - Easy HackingGameplay Effects and Changes30/08/2016 5:20:17 PM30/08/2016 5:19:36 PM
5221.0 / 1.0zilav
Extra Shipments - Extra Shipments 1.1Gameplay Effects and Changes30/08/2016 6:47:11 PM30/08/2016 6:46:55 PM
205671.1 / 1.1IDontEvenKnow
Extra Shipments - Extra Shipments 1.1 - Extra Ceramic and Aluminum EditionGameplay Effects and Changes30/08/2016 6:47:16 PM30/08/2016 6:47:01 PM
524581.1 / 1.1IDontEvenKnow
Multiple Floors Sandboxing - Multiple Floors SandboxingGameplay Effects and Changes31/08/2016 5:39:44 AM31/08/2016 5:39:29 AM
624531.0 / 1.0Korodic and Dovahklon
OCD - Overhauled Critical Damage - OCD1.1-OverhauledCriticalDamageGameplay Effects and Changes26/08/2016 12:53:02 AM26/08/2016 12:41:50 AM
355711.1 / 1.1Pr1meSh0ck
Reneer's Close That Door Mod - Reneer's Close That Door Mod 2.2Gameplay Effects and Changes18/08/2016 6:30:01 AM31/08/2016 3:16:03 PM
702332.2 / 2.2Reneer
CBBE BodySlide Universal Reference - CBBE BodySlide Universal ReferenceHair and Face Models19/08/2016 4:59:33 PM19/08/2016 4:55:43 PM
700971.0 / 1.0Brigand231 and others
Lots More Facial Hair - Lots More Facial Hair v. 1.21Hair and Face Models2/09/2016 12:37:38 PM1/09/2016 4:20:58 PM
432541.21 / 1.21Recluse
Lots More Female Hairstyles - Lots More Female Hairstyles v. 1.33Hair and Face Models31/08/2016 1:55:15 PM31/08/2016 1:53:27 PM
435981.33 / 1.33Recluse
Motoko Hair (GITS) - Motoko HairHair and Face Models30/08/2016 4:41:40 PM30/08/2016 4:29:46 PM
538681.0 / 1.0stefanmb
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.0 - Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2_0 - BA2 versionHair and Face Models26/08/2016 12:30:53 AM26/08/2016 12:29:43 AM
611292.0 / 2.0Azar
True Eyes - Fallout 4 Edition - TRUE EYES - Fallout 4 Edition - Saturated - Heavy LashesHair and Face Models30/08/2016 4:43:09 PM30/08/2016 4:37:51 PM
262531.1 / 1.1JimtownIrish
Craftable Vault 81 Cure - Craftable Vault 81 CureItems - Food/Drinks/Chems/etc30/08/2016 5:06:16 PM30/08/2016 5:06:11 PM
110601.0 / 1.0Zlashdrive
Better Atom Cats Garage - Better Atom Cats GarageLocations - Vanilla19/08/2016 12:47:30 AM19/08/2016 12:44:29 AM
586011.00 / 1.00Mika999
Better The Third Rail - Better The Third RailLocations - Vanilla19/08/2016 12:53:45 AM19/08/2016 12:43:08 AM
614881.00 / 1.00Mika999
Rickety Restored Sanctuary Bridge - Initial ReleaseLocations - Vanilla20/08/2016 3:25:15 PM20/08/2016 3:24:57 PM
701721.0 / 1.0EvilViking13
Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Resource (AWKCR)Modders Resources and Tutorials2/09/2016 5:15:02 PM2/09/2016 5:14:37 PM
721093.0.2 / 3.0.2Valdacil, Gambit77, drdanzel
Automatron Mr. Handy Factory Paint - Mr. Handy Factory Paint 1.2.1Models and Textures18/08/2016 6:19:59 AM18/08/2016 6:19:51 AM
611241.2.1 / 1.2.1MAL22
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-Models and Textures5/08/2016 5:46:00 PM5/08/2016 5:44:23 PM
664891.9 / 1.9Caliente and Ousnius
Colored Quarry Texture Overhaul - Blue Marble 2KModels and Textures26/08/2016 1:08:45 AM26/08/2016 1:07:26 AM
13549v0.99 / v0.99lati100
Kirs freckles - Kirs freckelsModels and Textures2/09/2016 12:37:32 PM1/09/2016 5:04:56 PM
365881.0 / 1.0Kirse10
MOON - Beautiful High Res Texture Set - MOONModels and Textures19/08/2016 5:28:52 AM19/08/2016 4:58:17 AM
393271.0.1 / 1.0.1Bombchu
Oni cbbe nude fitness wet re-textureModels and Textures30/08/2016 4:42:44 PM30/08/2016 4:38:14 PM
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Oni face wet re-textureModels and Textures30/08/2016 4:42:47 PM30/08/2016 4:31:33 PM
3526931012016 / 06022016OniNigma
Paint that house - Paint that houseModels and Textures31/08/2016 7:32:48 AM31/08/2016 7:22:23 AM
211431.0 / 1.0Zumika
Patch JobModels and Textures31/08/2016 7:24:43 AM31/08/2016 7:22:53 AM
5988v0.3 / 0.3Stuyk
Summer Roses - Summer Roses - NO SKEModels and Textures30/08/2016 4:55:52 PM30/08/2016 4:55:25 PM
570121.0 / 1.0frogprincess_q4
Better SettlersNPC12/08/2016 12:40:17 AM12/08/2016 12:38:38 AM
437521.1 / 1.1bThom293
Better Settlers - Better Settlers Far Harbor Patch BETANPC12/08/2016 12:40:21 AM12/08/2016 12:38:30 AM
631041.1c / 1.1bThom293
Better Settlers - Better Settlers OPTIONAL MAIN UPDATE 1.1cNPC16/08/2016 11:19:01 PM16/08/2016 11:17:50 PM
630961.1c / 1.1bThom293
Better Settlers - BetterSettlersAllFemale 1.1NPC12/08/2016 12:40:27 AM12/08/2016 12:38:47 AM
437551.1 / 1.1bThom293
Better Settlers - BetterSettlersCommunityClothingPack v 1.1bNPC16/08/2016 11:42:14 PM12/08/2016 1:14:00 PM
532171.1b / 1.1bThom293
Essential Named SettlersNPC30/08/2016 5:38:32 PM30/08/2016 5:38:14 PM
362361.5 / 1.5TWFH1
Lots More Settlers and Enemies - LMSE - Far Harbor - Better Settlers Compatibility PatchNPC20/08/2016 5:11:04 PM20/08/2016 5:10:48 PM
704340.95b / 0.96bRecluse
Lots More Settlers and Enemies - LMSE - Far Harbor v.0.96bNPC20/08/2016 5:11:28 PM20/08/2016 5:09:15 PM
705230.96b / 0.96bRecluse
Lots More Settlers and Enemies - LMSE (Main File) Better Settlers Compatibility PatchNPC20/08/2016 5:11:07 PM20/08/2016 5:10:26 PM
703800.95b / 0.96bRecluse
Lots More Settlers and Enemies - LMSE (Main File) Vault-Tec Workshop PatchNPC20/08/2016 5:11:42 PM20/08/2016 5:10:32 PM
703790.95b / 0.96bRecluse
Lots More Settlers and Enemies - Lots More Settlers and Enemies v.0.96b - (LMSE Main File)NPC20/08/2016 5:08:59 PM20/08/2016 5:08:52 PM
705220.96b / 0.96bRecluse
Moddable and FIXED Professor GoodfeelsNPC18/08/2016 6:12:52 AM18/08/2016 6:07:15 AM
454511.0 / 1.0CDante
Moddable Graygarden (Automatron) - Moddable Graygarden v1.0NPC18/08/2016 6:12:56 AM18/08/2016 6:12:41 AM
442781.0 / 1.0CDante
Orphans of the Commonwealth - More Children - Orphans of the Commonwealth V4NPC31/08/2016 1:49:55 PM31/08/2016 1:30:11 PM
696034.0 / 4.0Gift2
Eli's Companions Overhaul - Danse X6 Curie Piper Deacon MacCready Cait Preston - Companion's Faces - All-in-OneOverhauls31/08/2016 1:49:05 PM31/08/2016 12:16:37 PM
232111.0 / 1.0Elianora
Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul - Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul 3.1Overhauls19/08/2016 12:53:53 AM19/08/2016 12:51:42 AM
700733.1 / 3.1PMB
Dependency Quest Fix - Dependency Quest Fix v1.0Patches17/08/2016 1:13:31 PM17/08/2016 1:11:57 PM
427251.0 / 1.0CDante
_REMAKE_ Experienced Wanderer - Lone Wanderer for Companion Travelers -DLC Support- - Experienced Wanderer - Far HarborPerks30/08/2016 6:42:38 PM30/08/2016 6:42:20 PM
556472.1 / 2.1LolzMan1325
Advanced Skeleton - Advanced Skeleton v1.0Perks31/08/2016 1:48:49 PM31/08/2016 1:44:11 PM
141891.0 / 1.0G4M5T3R
Better Perks - Better Perks 0.40Perks19/08/2016 1:03:09 AM19/08/2016 1:03:04 AM
233970.40 / 0.40Chai Pei
Lady Killer and Black Widow work on both genders - Gender Perks Effect Both GendersPerks31/08/2016 1:49:23 PM31/08/2016 1:48:48 PM
519492.0 / 2.0shad0wshayd3
Makanar's Perk OptionsPerks31/08/2016 1:41:38 PM31/08/2016 1:38:29 PM
263692.09 / 2.09Makanar
Faction Housing Overhaul - All In One - Faction Housing Overhaul- AiO 1.2Player Homes1/09/2016 1:09:38 PM1/09/2016 1:05:26 PM
641351.2 / 1.2Elianora
Marlborough Mansion - Marlborough Mansion DLC VERSIONPlayer Homes1/09/2016 1:09:06 PM1/09/2016 1:03:03 PM
645161.1 / 1.1Elianora
Rebuilt Series Prewar HousesPlayer Homes30/08/2016 5:20:46 PM30/08/2016 5:08:57 PM
560361.71b1 / 1.71rdunlap
Rebuilt Series Prewar Houses - Rebuilt Sanctuary BridgePlayer Homes30/08/2016 5:20:50 PM30/08/2016 5:08:53 PM
409911.71 / 1.71rdunlap
Rockin' Red Rocket - Rockin' Red Rocket 2.1Player Homes1/09/2016 4:15:17 PM1/09/2016 1:05:49 PM
627022.1 / 2.1Elianora
Advanced Settlement Turret SetPlayer Settlement16/08/2016 11:42:38 PM16/08/2016 11:42:08 PM
67444v2.5 Complete / v2.5ccmads
Automatron - Mechanist's Lair FULL SETTLEMENT - Automatron - Fixed Mechanist LairPlayer Settlement18/08/2016 11:27:32 PM18/08/2016 11:27:17 PM
44028v.1.0 / v.1.0sgtcal10 Calvin-Parsons - My Reddit Name
Better High-Tech Lights - on-off switch bugfix and more - Better High-Tech LightsPlayer Settlement19/08/2016 1:03:08 AM19/08/2016 12:59:33 AM
452191.0 / 1.0steve40
Better StoresPlayer Settlement19/08/2016 12:53:42 AM19/08/2016 12:41:47 AM
642381.3.5 / 1.3.5Blazeda59
Buildable Burning Campfires and Fireplaces V3.0 - Buildable Burning Campfires and Fireplaces (no NPC burns)Player Settlement19/08/2016 8:04:32 AM19/08/2016 8:04:27 AM
580313.01a / 3.0Necrocytosis and steve40
Business Settlements 1.9 (Standalone) - Business Settlements 1.9 (updated version)Player Settlement31/08/2016 10:56:57 AM31/08/2016 7:57:38 AM
450911.9 / 1.9Tamayo831
Clean Settlement Beds - CS BedsPlayer Settlement18/08/2016 11:37:43 PM18/08/2016 11:37:13 PM
472570.3.0 / 0.3.0dgulat
Clean Settlement Greenhouses - CS GreenhousesPlayer Settlement26/08/2016 1:00:09 AM26/08/2016 12:54:25 AM
468640.3.0 / 0.3.0dgulat
Clean Settlement Homemaker Greenhouses - Clean Settlement Homemaker GreenhousesPlayer Settlement26/08/2016 1:03:22 AM26/08/2016 1:01:05 AM
412480.1.0 / 0.1.0dgulat
Clean Shacks - Clean ShacksPlayer Settlement26/08/2016 12:52:51 AM26/08/2016 12:48:17 AM
537190.9.4 / 0.9.4dgulat
Clean Wasteland Workshop - Clean Wasteland WorkshopPlayer Settlement26/08/2016 12:53:12 AM26/08/2016 12:52:56 AM
478340.1.0 / 0.1.0dgulat
Colored Workshop Lights - Colored Workshop LightsPlayer Settlement26/08/2016 1:03:45 AM26/08/2016 1:03:23 AM
574661.8 / 1.8mm137
Conquest - Build New Settlements and Camping - Conquest 1.3 ReleasePlayer Settlement31/08/2016 7:44:32 AM31/08/2016 7:42:45 AM
613111.3 / 1.3Chesko
Convenient StoresPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 11:00:52 AM31/08/2016 7:52:00 AM
224812.0 / 2.1.1Amstrad
Cozy Beds - with MY BED option - Cozy Beds- Main filePlayer Settlement18/08/2016 11:41:57 PM18/08/2016 11:40:38 PM
428725 / 5LupusYondergirl
Cozy Beds - with MY BED option - Cozy beds- main file hotfixPlayer Settlement18/08/2016 11:43:52 PM18/08/2016 11:37:35 PM
472975.1 / 5LupusYondergirl
Cozy Beds - with MY BED option - Cozy Beds- my bed addonPlayer Settlement18/08/2016 11:43:47 PM18/08/2016 11:37:40 PM
472995.1 / 5LupusYondergirl
Craftable Animation Marker (Relaxation Furniture) - Craftable Animation MarkerPlayer Settlement20/08/2016 5:34:27 AM19/08/2016 10:54:58 PM
424241.3 / 1.3opsedar
Craftable Birds - Craftable BirdsPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 1:22:18 PM31/08/2016 1:22:08 PM
717391.0 / 1.0frogprincess_q4
Crazy Earl's Scrapyard - Crazy Earl's Scrapyard v1.5.0Player Settlement30/08/2016 5:20:15 PM30/08/2016 5:16:24 PM
625921.5.0 / 1.5.0Mirra - alias DrZelenka
CWSS Redux - Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets Urinals etc - CWSS Redux - Custom Camera VersionPlayer Settlement19/08/2016 8:11:51 AM19/08/2016 8:05:24 AM
693061.5 / 1.5steve40 and FLipdeezy
Dalton Farm expansion (buildable areas) - DaltonFarmExpanded_1.0.zipPlayer Settlement19/08/2016 8:55:18 AM19/08/2016 8:13:01 AM
577231.0 / 1.0m0ds1984
Echo Lake Lumber expansion (buildable areas) - EchoLakeLumberExpanded_1.0.zipPlayer Settlement19/08/2016 8:55:20 AM19/08/2016 8:13:24 AM
576541.0 / 1.0m0ds1984
Egret Tours Marina Interior BuildingsPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 5:36:09 AM31/08/2016 5:32:04 AM
681141.1 / 1.1Purple Radiation
Egret Tours Marina Interior Buildings - Side buildings UpdatePlayer Settlement31/08/2016 5:36:11 AM31/08/2016 5:32:11 AM
687161.1 / 1.1Purple Radiation
Extended Mechanist's Lair - Extended Mechanist's LairPlayer Settlement30/08/2016 6:45:17 PM30/08/2016 6:44:49 PM
44552001 / 001AceCarteria
Fairline Hill Estates - Player Settlement - v1.0.1Player Settlement19/08/2016 10:26:53 PM19/08/2016 10:26:20 PM
657631.0.1 / 1.0.1m0ds1984
Gruffydd's Signs and Posters - GruffyddSandP3.4Player Settlement30/08/2016 7:24:54 PM30/08/2016 7:21:59 PM
624073.4 / 3.4Gruffydd
Gruffydd's Signs of the Times - Gruffydd's Signs of the Times 1.2aPlayer Settlement30/08/2016 7:25:10 PM30/08/2016 7:19:22 PM
634211.2a / 1.2aGruffydd
Hangman's Alley Interior ApartmentsPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 5:41:15 AM31/08/2016 5:40:58 AM
670802.1 / 2.1Purple Radiation
Homemaker - Expanded SettlementsPlayer Settlement5/08/2016 3:05:44 PM5/08/2016 2:40:34 PM
675921.36 / 1.36NovaCoru
Jamaica Plain Interior HomePlayer Settlement31/08/2016 5:34:10 AM31/08/2016 5:33:54 AM
675701.1 / 1.1Purple Radiation
Jets Bed Collection - Jets Bed Collection 1 01Player Settlement19/08/2016 5:29:10 AM19/08/2016 4:52:26 AM
450371.01 / 1.01jet4571
Lovers Luxury Bed - The Black Widow (STANDALONE - MYBed) - 2k (MYBed) Lovers Luxury Bed - the BLACK WIDOWPlayer Settlement18/08/2016 11:37:52 PM18/08/2016 11:36:54 PM
27138v0.3 / v0.3Nikonthenet
More Guard Posts - Guard ChairPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 1:55:35 PM31/08/2016 1:51:07 PM
220610.5 / 0.5MikeC2103
More Guard Posts - Guard Posts - Defense 6Player Settlement31/08/2016 1:55:37 PM31/08/2016 1:51:41 PM
220520.5 / 0.5MikeC2103
More Guard Posts - Guard RugPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 1:55:39 PM31/08/2016 1:51:09 PM
220620.5 / 0.5MikeC2103
More Guard Posts - Guard StoolPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 1:55:41 PM31/08/2016 1:51:13 PM
220640.5 / 0.5MikeC2103
More Powerful WindmillsPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 5:29:51 AM31/08/2016 5:27:24 AM
632422.3 / 2.3Purple Radiation
Robot Home Defence - Robot Home DefencePlayer Settlement31/08/2016 7:32:51 AM31/08/2016 7:32:11 AM
421071.50 / 1.50TheTalkieToaster
School Desk - Child Settler Work Station - School Desk - Child Settler Work Station - Bonus HappinessPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 1:49:58 PM31/08/2016 1:27:43 PM
689721.2 / 1.2frogprincess_q4
Scrap EverythingPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 5:32:33 AM31/08/2016 5:31:28 AM
615582.0 / 2.1shadowslasher410 and Kuroitsune
Scrap Everything - Scrap Everything - DLC UpdatedPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 5:33:01 AM31/08/2016 5:31:39 AM
64680DLCfixed / 2.1shadowslasher410 and Kuroitsune
Settlement Attacks Beyond - Settlement Attacks BeyondPlayer Settlement31/08/2016 7:53:29 AM31/08/2016 7:46:25 AM
509431.1 / 1.1scary666scream
Simply Modular Housing - SMH - SMH - Main - 0.06Player Settlement31/08/2016 10:57:16 AM31/08/2016 7:41:50 AM
693370.06 / 0.06Stuyk
Tidy Settlers - TidySettlers 1_0Player Settlement27/08/2016 6:31:47 PM27/08/2016 6:31:07 PM
713131.0 / 1.0emathias
Covenant Peaceful Solution - Covenant with scriptingQuests and Adventures19/08/2016 5:00:05 PM19/08/2016 10:10:02 AM
496113.0 / ?Seekingthesun
Automatron for All - Automatron for AllUnassigned18/08/2016 6:19:55 AM18/08/2016 6:19:15 AM
57647v1.1 / v1.1GreatSilentOne
better Brahmin's TroughsUnassigned19/08/2016 4:47:08 AM19/08/2016 4:46:31 AM
569821.02 / 1.02Andrey4791
Clean Soup - CleanSoup_v1.01Unassigned26/08/2016 12:52:53 AM26/08/2016 12:50:04 AM
62331.01 / 1.01bls61793
Friendlier Marcy - MarcyLongDialogueEditsUnassigned31/08/2016 1:49:17 PM31/08/2016 1:24:13 PM
609841.0 / 1.0frogprincess_q4
Immersive Coffee Mod - The Most Immersive Coffee Mod EverUnassigned1/09/2016 4:14:57 PM1/09/2016 1:01:36 PM
709741.0 / 1.0Elianora
Full Dialogue InterfaceUser Interface30/08/2016 7:16:17 PM30/08/2016 7:14:32 PM
70053Beta12 / Beta12Cirosan and shadwar
Full Dialogue Interface (NewDialog English and CN-DE-ES-FR-IT-JA-PL-PTBR-RU translations) - (English ONLY) Nuka World DLC supportUser Interface30/08/2016 7:10:45 PM30/08/2016 7:10:34 PM
71682Beta12 / Beta12Cirosan and shadwar
BodySlide and Outfit StudioUtilities5/08/2016 6:01:11 PM5/08/2016 6:00:59 PM
541173.6 / 3.6Ousnius and Caliente
deLuxe Makeup - Eye Liner MasksVisuals and Graphics1/09/2016 5:12:41 PM1/09/2016 5:11:25 PM
317490.3 / 0.3Cilbas
deLuxe Makeup - Lip Liner MaskVisuals and Graphics1/09/2016 5:12:44 PM1/09/2016 5:11:29 PM
139590.1 / 0.3Cilbas
Fallout 4 Seasons - Grass - Trees - Plants - Snow - FO4 Seasons Spring 3.0Visuals and Graphics30/08/2016 6:54:55 PM30/08/2016 6:54:16 PM
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Immersive Windows - WindowsVisuals and Graphics18/08/2016 6:30:00 AM18/08/2016 6:27:32 AM
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Vivid Fallout - Rocks - Textures in HD - ORIGINAL SIZE - LOWER RESOLUTION - Vivid Fallout - Rocks - HD Normal MapsVisuals and Graphics30/08/2016 6:53:34 PM30/08/2016 6:52:38 PM
38911.0 / 1.0Hein84
Better Automatron Weapons - Better Automatron Weapons - Update 1.3Weapons19/08/2016 12:52:02 AM19/08/2016 12:49:24 AM
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501261.2 / 1.2Elianora - Ellise - DDProductions83

Thursday, 1 September 2016

SocJus defends the Continent of Hawaii

Feminist: I am soooo oppressed...

Driver: Err?

Feminist: You wouldn’t believe how much men are oppressing me right now. Men are just constantly telling me how fucking gorgeous I am. It's making me sick.

Driver: (*silent, face twitches as he watches the road*)

Feminist: (*louder*) I sayyyy, it's making me sick!

Driver: (*quietly*) My son has cancer.

Feminist: Did you not hear me? Were you not listening to a strong woman of colour when she is speaking to you?

Driver: (*looks in mirror*)(*sees a pale young white woman dressed in the clothes his wife will never be able to afford*)

Feminist: Hello! Are you not respond-ding? That’s domestic violence, you know, I should have you reported. And what is that on your dashboard?

Driver: It’s a toy... it reminds me of going on holiday. I don’t get many holidays.

Feminist: I don’t like it, ugh! Get rid of it.

Driver: It was a gift from my wife.

Feminist: It’s oppressing the continent of Hawaii, which you would know if you had bothered to educate yourself.

Driver: I’m not going to get rid of it. Just don’t look at it if you don’t like it.

Feminist: Helloooo, don’t you know who I am? I am the leader of a super-secret cell of Feminists, and we are going to smash the Patriarchy, and if you piss me off, we are starting with you. I can get you fired, just like that. Or I can call the police. Do you want me to call the police? I can call them!

Driver: I’m not getting rid of it. I’m going to drop you off.

Feminist: I AM GOING TO RUIN YOU. You will be made into a meme! Everyone will laugh at you and your stupid son who supposedly has can-cerrr! More like brain cancer for being born with a dick, hahaha! Now fucking take me to my destin-nation!

Driver: Get out of my car.

Feminist: No! I want you to drive me like you are supposed to! Drive me, stupid fucking man!

Driver: Get out!

Feminist: How dare you oppress me?!! This store-reee will be on all websites, and you'll be sorry!

(Driver speeds off, leaving her in the dust)

Feminist: Fucking scum. Fucking incest-loving rape-apologist scum! Hello, Gawker? You'll never believe how much I was oppressed! (*garbled reply*) Yeah, let's rape the fucker!