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Feminist ABC claims cats are an antidote to masculinity

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"an antidote to toxic masculinity"

Masculinity is the quality of being male. It is not a disease. We do not need to be 'cured'.

"An online movement of men is shrugging off the stereotype that 'cats are for girls'"

Which isn't a stereotype outside of your imaginations. No-one cares.

"they're giving others permission to embrace a gentler, more thoughtful kind of masculinity."

We do not need your permission for anything. Our masculinity is OURS to define as we please. You do not get to police how we "male".

"Myles Loughran is a cat man. 'Cat man' as in, 'cat lady', but with a Y-chromosome."

Rubbish. Cat ladies have far more cats than they should - in fact, it's suspected they are the victims of a parasite in the brain.

"[Toxo infection] may be linked to schizophrenia and other disturbances associated with altered dopaminc levels — for example, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and mood disorders.”" Joanne Webster, a parsitologist at the Imperial College London.

"For too long, there's been a stereotype about cat guys."

No evidence is presented for this, of course. It is simply asserted, in exactly the way antisemitic propaganda was asserted. The audience Listened and Believed everything that suited their prejudices. The idea of the Patriarchy dictating that men should not have cats makes perfect sense to the SocJus maniacs who lap this stuff up.

"some might dismiss men's pussy PDAs as frivolous"

Yes. Some might. We call them "sane people". It meets every definition of frivolous to post pictures of your pets.

characterized by lack of seriousness or sense:
frivolous conduct.
self-indulgently carefree; unconcerned about or lacking any serious purpose.
(of a person) given to trifling or undue levity:
a frivolous, empty-headed person.
of little or no weight, worth, or importance; not worthy of serious notice:
a frivolous suggestion.
Kittens are cute, but pictures of them lack serious purpose,
and it reflects on the state of the ABC that they now focus on them

US Captain L Woods with Australian prisoners of war

This is the sort of thing the ABC used to focus on,
before it decided that was all too toxic and masculine.

Now all it does is cats on rhoombas.

Why does the ABC still exist?
Why is it paid for by men when all it does is shit on them?

"experts say "

Experts? Gotta love those ABC weasel words. What experts? What are their credentials? With what skepticism were their claims met? What testing was done.

'Experts' claim everything, apparently.

Hey, ABC! Experts say your days are numbered; that more and more of your programs are getting the ax. Because instead of news - you post fluff stories and feminist propaganda. At a time fewer and fewer Australians identify as feminist.

Sure, you are very popular with that echo chamber - but it's getting tighter and tighter inside.

Sooner or later, you will implode into nothingness.

Or so the experts say - not taking any responsibility for that opinion myself, of course.
Why is it the ABC only wants to know about castrated males,
and can't even be bothered to check
how different masculine (un-neutered) cats look like?

Is it because, in their view, every male should be given the snip?

Gotta love those experts.

"Why are cats considered feminine?"

Because they are castrated. Do you have any idea what an uncastrated Tom is like? Of course you don't - that would be data that doesn't help you reach your desired conclusion. Throw that cherry aside, ABC!

So who is your expert?

Dr Heather Fraser?

Over the course of her academic career Heather has taught many courses, including: Critical Social Work, Anti-Oppressive Practice, Feminist Policies and Perspectives, Theorising Inequality, Social Policy, Social Work Research, Advocacy and Social Action, Community Work, Groupwork, Communication Skills and Narrative Analysis. At Flinders she has also taught: Social Work Theories of Intervention Gender and Sexuality; and Child Welfare.

Huh! So her expertise is in feminism, and everything she does is viewed through a feminist lens. She has no scientific credentials, is never treated critically, and has no more credibility than a scientologist or a flat-earther.

She shares your faith - so you paint her as an expert. It's circular. How do we know this feminist belief is true? A feminist said it was.

 the "rise of the metrosexual" man - sorry, you think dandies are new? Well, since your experts are feminists, not historians, that doesn't surprise me.

"It may also allow men to express a kinder, more thoughtful form of masculinity"

MAY. Speculation without any evidence. It may also cause them to levitate to the moon, or devour the souls of the innocent. Where the hell are your facts?

Where is the data showing that men who don't have cats are cruel?

"A previous study, in 1998, found that men who were identified as liking cats were rated by participants as less masculine and more feminine than men who liked dogs"

Oh. Right. So you regard masculine men as bad men. Why does that not surprise me? You automatically rated feminine men as kind, because in your sexism, women are GOOD and men are BAD.

Bigots will do that; the members of their ingroup are always assigned positive values; the Others are demonised, and bigots have nothing good to say about them.

The only 'acceptable' man to a feminist is a feminised man. A neutered man. A spayed man.

Jesus bloody Christ!

The rest of your fluff piece just repeats itself - so I'll leave you to your man-hating.

May your kind be locked up in a room with other bigots until nothing is left but the remains of your vanilla lattes.

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