Monday, 2 January 2017

To all those who say the Earth would be better without us.

Humans are fucking awesome.
Without us, the Earth would dribble on for a bit, then all life would end, forever.

With us, life might spread to other planets around out sun …
spread to the spaces between planets …
to new systems altogether …
changing the whole time in ways we cannot imagine…

We will adapt through evolution and through intelligent design to conditions, we will change our bodies for fun and for aesthetics, perhaps as casually as we change clothes…

We will combine with machines.

We look up, and we see no aliens. The skies are silent. Where are the aliens?

If there are no aliens, we will become the aliens.

Our DNA will be altered in a million different ways. We will speciate.

We will assume the forms of our myths.

We will be people and machines as one.

Aging, deformity, disease; these are just technical problems, to be overcome.
Perhaps some of us will choose another path.
Living on alien worlds or building our own worlds.
Leaving this one as a park and a memorial …

Gazing at our relics like we now gaze at the pyramids…
Wondering how the past people could manage so much with such limited lives.
Then returning home to our comforts amongst the stars.

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