Friday, 17 March 2017

Beer to be 'purged' by the New Puritans

Brazilian Beer Company’s New Ad Campaign Paints Over its Past ‘Sexist’ Images

So feminists complained that a woman was dressing too sexily and demanded she cover up and wear hijab, the slut.

The company caved under the pressure and started printing beers with the slogan “The Future Is Female.”

This is a reference to the genocidal fantasies of Alix Dobkin and her group of fanatical lesbian separatists, who hoped to exterminate all men and boys.

Because that’s the sort of message you want printed on a beer, amiright?

All About Beer Magazine vowed that it would not feature beers that are sexist, offensive or otherwise “fall into poor taste.”

So what is poor taste?

Sexy women.


Because it makes feminists feel inferior, and they are in the elite power structures of society.

They constantly claim to be oppressed, and yet have the least of their insecurities catered to. They demand prettier women be removed like the crazed Queen from Snow White, and demand women be made to cover up their bodies, whilst walking around in far less for their slut walks.

So what is the difference?

Men like to look at the sexy women, and feminists hate male sexuality.

If a man is happy, he must be corrected.George Orwell said:

“ If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.”

“The Future is Female”, drools the Feminist, imagining that boot to be hers.

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