Thursday, 23 March 2017

Why are people turning far right? It's such a mystery!

NBC Reporter Fears London Terror Will ‘Put Wind in the Sails’ of ‘Right-Wing Movement’

Muslim: Death to the unbeliever! Death to the apostate! Death to the homosexual!

Feminist: Oh! Such diversity these brown people have, how quaint!

Commoner: That’s horrible!

Feminist: You can’t say that, that’s racist! You only say that because he is brown!

Commoner: He’s whiter than I am! He just called for your death, did you not hear that?

Feminist: (*dons hijab*) Don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyway, I think talking the way you do is hatecrime!

Commoner: What? So… he just called for people to murder us!

Feminist: You, I’hijabi now!

Commoner: …. he just called for people to murder me, and you say me speaking against that is hatecrime?

Politician: Gee, Feminism is really popular - what can I do to win votes from Feminists?

Commoner: Hey politician! Hey! Hey!


Feminist: Can you make what he said hatecrime and we will piss on your opponent collectively?

Politician: The people have spoken! Hatecrime is now a crime! Better not hatecrime, you commoner, you!

Commoner: Jesus!

Politician: Right, that’s hatecrime!

Feminist: No, it’s ok to blaspheme against Christians, ‘cause Jesus is white.

Politician: Oh, right, better write that one down…

Muslim: Wow. I wasn’t arrested. What can I do to strike fear in the name of Allah?

Commoner: Bloody Hell! Won’t anyone help?

Left Wing Politician: Not I! Nothing to see here!

Muslim: What about this knife?

Conservative Politician: I hear nothing! Nothingggg!

Muslim: What about this truck?

Antifa: I want to bash people who speak up against the noble Muslim!

Muslim: I wonder if children will count extra?

Commoner: I’m desperate! I’ll support anyone who will save me!

Far Right Politician: Sounds like my cue!

Other politicians: OMG! He went Far Right! Who could have seen that happening! Clearly this is the fault of someone else!

BBC: GamerGate struck again today, when a commoner started supporting a Far Right ideology. Meanwhile, in unrelated news, someone killed a few people and we’ll never know why, probably white males did it.

Feminist: Toxic masculinity!

Muslim: Shut it, slut!

Feminist: Sorry, sir!

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