Monday, 24 April 2017

Antifa targetting Men's Rights Activists in Sydney

Update: In response to the article below, Antifa sent me a nice little death threat - a quote from the IRA.

" Tiocfaidh ár lá"
"Tiocfaidh ár lá (Irish pronunciation: [ˈtʲʊki aːɾˠ ˈl̪ˠaː]) is an Irish language phrase which translates as "our day will come", referring to a potential future united Ireland. It was commonly used by Physical force Irish republicans, especially the Provisional IRA."

Statement by Antifa:

To be clear:

The issue here is that to talk about violence against men they have taken the liberty to denigrate campaigns that oppose violence against women.

If it's a real problem that deserves attention it should be raised in a way that does not undermine and attack the political demands of women to end violence against them.

We oppose any tactics which ridicule feminist campaigns, and we oppose the blatant misogyny that has stemmed from men's rights activist groups globally.

This includes guides on the perpetration of rape, pro-lifer shit and activities generally that are aimed at discriminating against or harming women.


The sign says:


"The issue here is that to talk about violence against men"

Nope, they said "everybody". Look at your own photos.

" they have taken the liberty to denigrate campaigns that oppose violence against women"

You realise women are included in the word "everybody"?

You don't? Why is that?

" If it's a real problem that deserves attention it should be raised in a way that does not undermine and attack the political demands of women"

Feminism <> women.

Feminism is a gender supremacist movement. Saying that everyone deserves the same human rights is only a threat to a group that opposes equal rights.

So why do you oppose equality?

" We oppose any tactics which ridicule feminist campaigns"

Ridicule is an expression of free speech. Yeah, I get it, as communists you are opposed to Free Speech, but at least be honest about it!

" we oppose the blatant misogyny"

A hatred of women and girls as expressed by wanting to protect women and girls as well as men and boys?

Even if you hate men and boys, i would have thought you'd realise that helping men and boys not be hurt is beneficial because... mums don't want their sons hurt, daughters don't want their dads hurt, wives don't want their husbands hurt..

I have to spell this out to you further? Do you not grasp it yet?

" This includes guides on the perpetration of rape"

Oh bullshit! Citation bloody needed, hahaha! God you guys make up such rubbish.

" pro-lifer shit"

You realise many feminists are pro-life, and there's a split in the movement over that issue? Is it that you have never talked to real world feminists and only think of what you've heard through Tumblr posts?

" ...activities generally that are aimed at discriminating against"

Citation needed.. saying that the same laws should apply to everyone is the opposite of discrimination to everyone who doesn't mindkill themselves daily. You do realise 1984 wasn't supposed to be an instruction manual?

The nations capitol has become engulfed in flames as anti-Trump protesters set fire to cars and buildings just blocks from the route..."... harming women"

Wow, you have evidence we are harming women? Well, what happened when you reported this illegal activity? What did the police say? They laughed at you? Because your evidence was that you just felt it must be true, and you don't know why that wasn't enough for them?

Oh they are so mean, wanting "facts" and "evidence". Why can't they love your Feelz like you do? Won't SOMEBODY think of the Feelz?

Further Reading:

Violence is fine - so long as it's against the enemies of SocJus

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Blogger Advertising Woes Part Three

When Youtube and Blogger were combined by Google into one big grey blob, there we inevitable difficulties.

One of them is your gmail address is what links the two, so if you only have one like I do, then it's a big issue; you really do not want your account closed.And that can happen for a lot of reasons, because of things that are unrelated to email.

In this case, it looks like if you enabled Youtube first, you are then blocked from using the blogger account for adsense, which is the advertising company integrated with blogger.


Because raisins.

I'd say it's just a bug but because their tech support area if only accessible to people who make them a lot of money, it's a catch-22. If you aren't now making money, and you have a problem like this, then you may never be able to make money through them.

Since the Youtube account isn't making me money, it looks like it's impossible to earn money via Blogger now, unless I create a new email address, not linked to my google address, then create a new blog, work away at that for anywhere up to a year, and start again.

Oh well, I lose money, Google loses money, adsense loses money. Not sure how anyone wins out of that, or why a warning saying it was impossible to do it in that order wasn't there.

Looks like I might have to move over to Wordpress and see if I can get advertising revenue through them - that's going to be a long wait, and frankly, I could use the money today.


I guess I could try Youtube - which is there, earning nothing, but theoretically an income stream of some degree - but the problem is living here means that I've never had a quiet environment, and I'm not the most eloquent or charismatic of speakers to start with.

Oh well. Such is life!

Blogger Advertising Woes Part Two

Looking at Blogger's settings,
it looks like it's linked to Adsense

Looking from the Adsense end (, it seems to have supplied ad units correctly - i have deleted the IDs in case that needs to be kept private.

So what do i need to do differently to get Adsense working with Blogger?

I read that it would take 48 hours; is it that it takes longer, like a week?

Blogger Advertising Woes

Other products

Your AdSense account is enabled only to show ads on YouTube. If you want to show ads on a different site, you'll need to provide us with the URL of the site you want to monetise.
Show ads on other websites
If you wish to show ads on your non-host websites, you will need to submit a one-off application via the form below.

Important: In order for your application to be reviewed, you must place your ad code on one or more web pages at the URL that you enter below. Note that blank ads will be shown until your application is approved.

Once your application has been approved, you may place your ad code on any website that you own without any further approvals. If your application is not approved, you will still be able to show ads on host sites and may apply again in the future.
I will show ads on:
URL cannot contain host partner ''.

Monday, 3 April 2017

The 'Islamophobia' doctrine

Why was Ayaan Hirsi Ali unable to speak in Australia?

A response to the hitpiece against Ayaan Hirsi Ali

You have nothing but your own faeces to throw at her. You make up a term - "Islamophobia" - to hide the reasoned opposition - a 'phobia' that doesn't exist for any other faith.
Talking about Islam is Islamophobia!

Why is there no "atheistophobia"? "Christianophobia"?

Because other belief systems can tolerate dissent. They do not see unbelievers as apostates, to be imprisoned for life, or murdered outright.

Only one religion does that.

And only one religion is protected in the secular West. Why is that? You can go to a fundamentalist Christian, and demand they write "Jesus sucks c***s!" on a cake, and sue them to the ground if they refuse, and the leftists applaud - but they never try that trick with fundamentalist Muslims, because they know how bloody they become at the least provocation.

And many, many Muslims are fundamentalist; about 30% from recent polls, demand Sharia in the EU.
So what do these people want?

In Australia, students and their parents threatened beheading if Sharia was not obeyed, at Punchbowl High School. Nothing happened - there were no consequences.

They were protected.

By the 'Islamophobia' doctrine.

In Canberra, it is now a serious crime to even mock an Islamic belief. Why is Islam protected?

The 'Islamophobia' doctrine.

And the new blasphemy laws will silence all dissent throughout Australia, so that we must bow and scrape before your idols.


You know why.

And that is why we fight you, and will keep fighting you, until one of us dies.

We fight for freedom. You fight for death.

Let's see who will win!

When Ayaan tries to open her mouth, they silence her
and their allies threaten to decapitate her.

Yet they paint themselves as the victims.
When Ayaan defends democracy, they denounce her as being a white supremacist.
Ayaan and her husband; because white supremacists love interracial marriages now?
Ayaan's son. The new face of the KKK, doncha know!

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So the more you read, the less you like Islam?


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