Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Blogger Advertising Woes Part Three

When Youtube and Blogger were combined by Google into one big grey blob, there we inevitable difficulties.

One of them is your gmail address is what links the two, so if you only have one like I do, then it's a big issue; you really do not want your account closed.And that can happen for a lot of reasons, because of things that are unrelated to email.

In this case, it looks like if you enabled Youtube first, you are then blocked from using the blogger account for adsense, which is the advertising company integrated with blogger.


Because raisins.

I'd say it's just a bug but because their tech support area if only accessible to people who make them a lot of money, it's a catch-22. If you aren't now making money, and you have a problem like this, then you may never be able to make money through them.

Since the Youtube account isn't making me money, it looks like it's impossible to earn money via Blogger now, unless I create a new email address, not linked to my google address, then create a new blog, work away at that for anywhere up to a year, and start again.

Oh well, I lose money, Google loses money, adsense loses money. Not sure how anyone wins out of that, or why a warning saying it was impossible to do it in that order wasn't there.

Looks like I might have to move over to Wordpress and see if I can get advertising revenue through them - that's going to be a long wait, and frankly, I could use the money today.


I guess I could try Youtube - which is there, earning nothing, but theoretically an income stream of some degree - but the problem is living here means that I've never had a quiet environment, and I'm not the most eloquent or charismatic of speakers to start with.

Oh well. Such is life!

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