Sunday, 8 April 2018

A reaction to an article on D&D, that I mostly agreed with, EXCEPT ...

“ Although advertisements for D&D in the '70s and '80s always included an obligatory girl player at the table”
She made me shiver!
Gary’s daughters, from memory?

“there was a chauvinistic attitude within the cloistered fraternity of war gamers “

Citation needed.

"Internal and external surveys from the late '70s showed that the percentage of female players was in the low single digits”

Yes, most females looked down on it. How is that the fault of the male gamers?

"one didn't have to be proficient in the "investigation" skill to figure out why girls weren't rushing to play games”

Why not? Surely some degree in investigation is useful for uncovering causes? Why didn’t most girls and women want to play a game where roleplaying was minimised and the focus was on hack and slash?

Look at the early modules, and you will see almost nothing but combat. Could that be it, I wonder?

"included a "harlot table"

“Random Harlot” table from the original Dungeon Master’s Guide no, it included a table with exotic and interesting names for prostitutes, which was entirely optional and there for flavour. So are girls afraid of looking at a thesaurus too?

I'd also like to point out - I've known a lot of women who loved playing a wench on occasion...

“ and where women in the stories were often little more than furniture”

So the Drow - and Lolth - were just furniture? How the hell does that work?

"boys could act out their less chivalrous fantasies”

Are you saying we should have tried courting... The Drow? Are you insane?

The first date wasn’t going so well. Still, perhaps he’d get a kiss at the end?

This author completely misunderstands the early D&D game. It was pretty much a matter of fighting against hordes, with nasty puzzles and traps thrown in. Little girls didn’t like it?

They didn’t have to.

Or they could write stories they preferred, which happened with a pair of sisters I knew of,  who played a game about befriending unicorns, which I loathed. That was their choice.

And that was Gary’s entire point. Here’s the paints and paper, here’s some techniques, now make what you want to make.

The author here feels that they had to make a game that would appeal to women or it oppresses them.


Would they look at some game women preferred, and demand it be altered to appeal to men?

Or do we let content creators make their own stuff, and let the free market decide the outcome?
Even today, D&D is mostly enjoyed by men.

Why is it bad that men and women are different?

Why does maleness have to be purged?

In my experience, the male heterosexual gamers wanted their women to be involved in their hobbies, but they mostly weren't. I knew several women in my gaming group at uni who were the object of worship.

But some men prefer an all-male group, and that's fine too. People sometimes need a space they can relax in, make crude jokes, or just enjoy themselves without having to please anyone else.

And nowadays, we live in a time of continual offense, where women are taught to be hurt like the Princess and the Pea, so that even mentioning a sex worker as a background character in a town is grounds for a cry of misogyny, harassment, raaaaape!

Has Squirrel Girl acquired Down's Syndrome as a mutation?

Someone posted a picture of the new version of Squirrel Girl. She looks like she has Down's Syndrome now, and speaks like she is mentally retarded. I pointed it out and compared it with the older version so you could see how her face and body had been altered.

And the comment was deleted on the grounds i was making fun of the disabled.

I pointed out that Squirrel Girl wasn't real, so she couldn't be affected by the comparison.
She actually younger in this image - only 15.
The modern version.

Notice she also has smaller breasts,
despite being much older
- under-developed breasts are normal to this condition.
Notice how her face is now completely round. Her body is quite dumpy, similar to the diagram above. Her dialogue is something a small child would frown at.
Even the mouth is practically textbook. Her ears have shrunk. Her eyes, however, do lack the epicanthic fold.

And now I'm thinking - it's not even a joke. Apart from the epicanthic fold - she would seem to tick every box.

I wouldn't mind if it was deliberate - she could be the first superhero with a mental and physical disability of this kind. That could even be interesting if they acknowledged it.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

How Feminists deal with wrongthink

Say you have ideas a Feminist doesn't like, but they can't argue against.

You point out there is no wage gap, or that women aren't lacking any rights in the West, and in fact have more rights than men.

What do?

Well, some feminists will pick up a baseball bat and try to maim you (*cough Michelle Perez*)

but most are - fortunately - far too lazy.

So they will go after you in other ways.

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7 Apr 2018 12:34:01 UTC

"if an author is a horrible person they ...they need an unfavourable reviews so nobody else reads their screed."

So they don't get unfavourable reviews because what they wrote was bad, but because what they think is bad.

You write a bad review in order to sabotage their living, and to deny others the chance to experience their art.

An artist's art is good only if they are sufficiently feminist, and being feminist makes the art good.

This crap is exactly what started Gamergate, when people started noticing that good reviews of terrible games were becoming the norm, and that anyone who pointed it out had their comments deleted.

Just a test of twitter censorship

I had a wee crush on Nostalgia Chick, back in the day.

She didn't seem to be afraid to be sexy, even suggesting a little kinkiness.

I wasn't really into most of the movies she liked, but there certainly were exceptions.

And - ugh - she knew how to appeal to men!

I have to laugh at just how many of these images would be denounced if they were created by a male. If an antifeminist female created them, they would be used as proof of internalised misogyny.

I mean, look at that joke. Feminists would be screaming if a man they disliked was responsible for it. Objectification! Male Gaze! Raaaaaaape!