Sunday, 8 April 2018

Has Squirrel Girl acquired Down's Syndrome as a mutation?

Someone posted a picture of the new version of Squirrel Girl. She looks like she has Down's Syndrome now, and speaks like she is mentally retarded. I pointed it out and compared it with the older version so you could see how her face and body had been altered.

And the comment was deleted on the grounds i was making fun of the disabled.

I pointed out that Squirrel Girl wasn't real, so she couldn't be affected by the comparison.
She actually younger in this image - only 15.
The modern version.

Notice she also has smaller breasts,
despite being much older
- under-developed breasts are normal to this condition.
Notice how her face is now completely round. Her body is quite dumpy, similar to the diagram above. Her dialogue is something a small child would frown at.
Even the mouth is practically textbook. Her ears have shrunk. Her eyes, however, do lack the epicanthic fold.

And now I'm thinking - it's not even a joke. Apart from the epicanthic fold - she would seem to tick every box.

I wouldn't mind if it was deliberate - she could be the first superhero with a mental and physical disability of this kind. That could even be interesting if they acknowledged it.

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