Saturday, 7 April 2018

How Feminists deal with wrongthink

Say you have ideas a Feminist doesn't like, but they can't argue against.

You point out there is no wage gap, or that women aren't lacking any rights in the West, and in fact have more rights than men.

What do?

Well, some feminists will pick up a baseball bat and try to maim you (*cough Michelle Perez*)

but most are - fortunately - far too lazy.

So they will go after you in other ways.

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7 Apr 2018 12:34:01 UTC

"if an author is a horrible person they ...they need an unfavourable reviews so nobody else reads their screed."

So they don't get unfavourable reviews because what they wrote was bad, but because what they think is bad.

You write a bad review in order to sabotage their living, and to deny others the chance to experience their art.

An artist's art is good only if they are sufficiently feminist, and being feminist makes the art good.

This crap is exactly what started Gamergate, when people started noticing that good reviews of terrible games were becoming the norm, and that anyone who pointed it out had their comments deleted.

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