Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Tha Spooky Ghoooost!

The ghost in Fallout 4 hangs about at the top of the building. She mostly stands on a box, staring out the window.

She seemed happy enough for me to visit.Ok, she seemed a little freaked out at first. Maybe haunting is against the ghost code of conduct or something, and she was afraid she'd been sprung.

But then she seemed to be at ease with my company.

I guess window-staring is best experienced as a shared activity.

I kept thinking... "you're a ghost... shouldn't you be floating, and rattling chains... or something?"

But no. Box-standing it is. At least she has a couch if she wants a nap.

The Animated Version of "Lord of the Rings"

It's been a few decades since i've seen it, but i think that that was the style of the times. Besides, this scene had me wetting meself as a kid...

You can't accuse them of being lazy with the faces, either.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Eurydice had no mind of her own, according to Feminists...

"And they will do so firm in the knowledge that Eurydice died because of her attacker's decisions – not because of her own."

So was she doing what a man would do? Train himself in fighting, wear good running shoes, try to act tougher than he was, be prepared to fight, even kill, and carry a weapon if the law permitted - or even if it didn't?

Or was she behaving like a Feminist, feeling that she need take no responsibility for her life?
"We'll never change this culture of violence against women."

There isn't one. If there was, it would be perfectly legal to be violent against women, instead of more harshly punished. You imagine some utopia. You imagine women are perfect saints, and men demons, and if only men could be contained, you would live in perfect safety.

Or so you delude yourself.

Yet we are not a collective, we men, any more than women are, or black people are, or the disabled are.

We are all individuals, and I deserve no more blame for some woman's death than I deserve the credit for the internet. And you do not deserve to profit off her death. You were not harmed by it, and we are not your enemy until you make us your enemy.

Which is your choice.

"We'll never change the fact that one woman in this country dies every week at the hands of a partner or former partner"

Citation needed, I noticed the crime stats don't satisfy that, yet it is on endless loop in feminist brains.

" someone they loved, in the safety of their own home"

Oh no! So, you have established you see men as monsters. So the question has to be asked - yet again - why are you still here?

The ebul men are all around you!
Y'see, sane people leave or fight when they encounter threats.

Feminists? Ask the demons to stop being demons, and bitch to other damsels in distress than the demons are being demonic, and they should stop that.

And gullible men think "well, I must be a demon, although i don't understand it as I don't kill women, so I shall feel ashamed".

And the real monsters laugh, because they know there is blood on their hands, and will never feel ashamed. Your movement is useless against the very people it exists to fight, and only serves to cripple the lives of men and women, turning them against one another.

We'll keep asking "Why didn't she leave him?" instead of asking "Why did he hurt her?"

Lesbian DV is higher. But here's the thing - if you don't ask why she didn't leave, YOU NEVER GET ANSWERS.

And it turns out knowing why means you can change it. Telling people of either sex how to get out of destructive relationships, giving anyone who needs it a safe place to go to, that helps, which is why Erin Pizzey built those first domestic violence shelters for women, and why she tried to do the same for men... and why feminists stopped her.

Because feminists need that victim narrative.
"We'll keep asking "Why was she alone in the dark?" instead of asking "Why was he?""

Yes. Because evil people love to find the darkness, but decent people have to learn to survive the night, and men more than women die at the hands of evil. So everyone - male and female - needs to know about the wicked, and to learn how to fight, and to learn to avoid the terrible hours of the night.

"We'll keep ignoring the real problem, instead of actually fixing it."

No, we'll face the real problem, instead of deluding women into hating men, and deluding men into hating themselves.

Why are you still here?

"Because women don't need to change their behaviour."

They certainly do if they are taking unnecessary risks.

"Men do."

Oh yes, I'm sure telling evil people not to evil will help. I mean, this is obviously some new idea, and not something that has failed consistently since its invention by the earth's worst moron.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

And You Never Leave.

A response to
19 Jun 2018 01:15:01 UTC

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"We live in a world where ‘no’ means ‘convince me’."

No, we don't.

We live in a world where context matters.

Sometimes no does mean "convince me". Ask any salesman. Hell, ask any attractive woman if she has used "no" to mean "try harder".

"Where girls walk home with keys between clenched fists."

And men carry knives and guns. And women in all-female environments get attacked by other women. And men encourage women to practise self defense.

Collectivism makes you blind, makes you see all blacks as being the same, makes you blame every black person for the crimes of a few. Maybe you should stop doing that and see individuals as individuals.

"Where a skirt defines if she’s asking for it or not."

Citation needed. Gotta say, the repetition of a false statement doesn't make it true. I tell you what. Get all your male feminist 'allies' to try feeling up a woman, and to use this defense in court. Just let me buy a few shares in private prisons first - because in this reality, that is garbage.

"Where girls are slut shamed "

Yes, being a slut is bad. Same as being a coward is bad for men. And there's no female equivalent for a deadbeat dad either - a woman who wants to pop them out and abandon them gets support.

"men are seen as kings"

What paranoid garbage! Where? Where the heck are men seen as kings? Women make up popular songs about how worthless they are!

"When out at the club, guys respect ‘I have a boyfriend’ more than my ‘no’."

You are just repeating yourself now. "No" can mean try harder - "I have a boyfriend" means only a scumbag keeps trying. And you do realise women cheat don't you?

"It’s a lie, but vital for female survival."

Rubbish. There's no female genocide going on.

"The bullshit we do to not get raped..."

Uh huh. So if you say "no" in a nightclub, you get raped? What a hellhole you imagine your country to be - yet you never leave it and set up your own.

"While men are excused for the culture they create."

Humans create culture - the idea that women create the good stuff and men the bad is hateful idiocy. And if you genuinely believed it - you'd leave instead of slandering us.

“Not all guys”

This is literally true. You are trying to argue with reality.

"Tell that to Meagher or Dixon, oh wait, they’re dead."


"My heart bleeds for the millions of victims."

Why are you still here then?

"But right now my veins burst fury red."

Seek medical help immediately!

"Because it may be ‘not all guys’"

You flip-flop a lot I notice.

"But it’s every fucking woman."

I have to point this out again - you are still here. If "every fucking man" was being constantly rape-murdered, do you think we'd just bitch about it on social media? Pack Bags - Leave. It is that simple.

And yet you never will. Moan, moan, moan!

"Don’t tell me how to dress or when I can leave."

No, you are subject to the laws of our society - you want a different society, go make one.

"Teach men how to be a decent human being."


It would be teach men "how to be decent human BEINGS" but you are so lost in collectivism, you can't even understand that different male humans are different in the first place - and nobody has ever solved the problem of human evil by telling evil people not to be evil.

Your idiocy has never worked. The best you can do is set up camps and push all the men into them until they stop being male - which is a bit of a problem as you can't be bothered standing up, let alone running prisons.

And. You. Never. Leave.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Fallout 76. Now for people who hate Fallout!

Bethesda: We are the last hope for single players!

Audience: (*mad cheers*)

Bethesda: So to dash that hope, we are making Fallout an online-only multiplayer, where you can and will be griefed by people who don’t give a stuff about the franchise! Are you not pleased? Mwahaha!

Some member of the audience: I can’t believe how much bitching there is about this, OMG! It’s 2018 already! Can’t you just, like, accept that everything you love is dead?

Unknown artist

Daybreak Games Tech 'Support' for Everquest 2

Request #580078

connection issue - "Could not connect to a login server. The Servers may be busy".

  • drospick

    I couldn't connect - i'm pretty sure it was the time of the last patch. Checked server status, was told they had been up for a few minutes, gave it a few, tried again, nada, left for an hour, nothing, another hour, same, talked to others who told me they were fine.

    I have deleted cache as per instructions and have no other internet problems. I even re-downloaded the launchpad and installed it. I have run verify files.

    I have tried connection by launchpad.exe and Everquest2.exe

    Windows 10

  • drospick

  • drospick

    Jitter/Ping Test
    12/6/2018 6:45:20PM calculating grade
    12/6/2018 6:45:42PM grade A+
    12/6/2018 6:46:12PM grade A+

  • drospick

    Yes, the modem and the computer have been powercycled. The windows 10 firewall allows the executables.

    1. Who is your ISP?
    Telstra NBN

    2. Make and model of the modem and router?
    Sagecom FAST5355-A

    3. Are you at home/school/office?

    4. Type of connection (Wireless/Wired)?

    5. DSL, Cable or Fiber?
    None of the above, it is an NBN connection. Basically a hybrid between fiber and copper.

  • Ray C.

    Please try accessing the game again to see if your issue has been resolved.

    Ray C.
    Technical Support Representative
    Daybreak Game Company

  • drospick

    Am trying -
    Unable to download SocketError:Retry - Try again (11002) -
    EverQuest EN PlanetSide 2 EN
    Version: US English
    Maybe the patch server is just being hammered or something.

  • drospick

    It looks like I can download fine from the site so i suspect the problem is at your end somewhere.

  • drospick

    Ok, i just hit retry and retry and i finally got the patch downloaded. Looks like everyone else was hitting that at the same time. But it didn't help - same error as original.

  • Ray C.

    Please follow the instructions in the provided link to produce the DXDiag and MSInfo files and submit the files as attachments to the ticket to further troubleshoot your issue.

    How to create system and network information files

    Ray C.
    Technical Support Representative
    Daybreak Game Company

  • drospick

    Done. I had a look at a tracert but it looks like it's effectively worthless nowadays.
    • DxDiag.txt (70 KB)
    • msinfo32.txt (900 KB)
    • tracert eq2.txt (2 KB)

  • drospick

    Added pathping and checked by pinging google a hundred times - no packet loss.
    • pathping and ping for daybreak and google.txt (7 KB)

  • Ray C.

    Thank you for contacting us regarding your issue. I understand that you are experiencing an connection issue involving the game server login when trying to run and play the game. I am seeing in the system information files that Windows 10 Build 1804 is currently installed. Something you may wish to try is rolling back the current Windows 10 build to a previous build of Windows 10, perhaps Windows 10 Build 1803 or earlier if possible, to see if the issue continues. For assistance with this step, you may wish to try contact Microsoft Support.

    Ray C.
    Technical Support Representative
    Daybreak Game Company

  • drospick

    Ok, I understand you want to close the ticket, but I see no evidence that this is a problem with windows. The more logical assumption is a server side issue, since you have just had huge problems currently with server side issues causing difficulties with connection.

    If your launchpad isn't compatible with windows 10 - it's time to fix the launchpad. Updates are automatic and mandatory with the operating system your client runs on.

    Otherwise, is there an option to escalate the problem for investigation?

  • Ray C.

    I see that you are using a wireless connection. You may wish to try using a wired connection rather than a wireless connection.
    Ray C.
    Technical Support Representative
    Daybreak Game Company

  • drospick

    As you can see from the logs provided, I have no problems with my connection to your servers. I can log in fine, download fine, upload fine, ping (without any packet loss) to google for a hundred times...

    It sounds like you are fobbing me off. Is escalating this problem an option, or are you just closing the ticket because the problem is difficult?

  • Tommy N.


    Thank you for waiting on me to get back to you. I appreciate it. I checked out the issue and it sounds like you are experiencing a connectivity issue. However, as much as we would like to try to help,  we will not be able to provide support if you believe the issue is not resulting from the local machine or connection.

    Our intention is to help you resolve the issue but Player Support can only provide suggestions to address issues that arise from the user end. If you believe the issue you are experiencing is a bug with the game client or an issue with the game server, we must kindly advise submitting a bug report to the Daybreak Community Issue Tracker to help out our team. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. I certainly hope the issue clears up for you soon.

    Daybreak Community Issue Tracker:
    Best regards,
    Tommy N.
    Senior Technical Support
    Daybreak Games

  • drospick

    It's not exactly a connectivity issue if I am able to log in with launchpad, select a character, and THEN not be able to zone in, using any account, using any zone.

    However, I can see you want to close this ticket and that investigation of that issue (which others have reported for about 5 years) is just not going to happen.

    I will observe the client to see if it works after the next patch, and if not, end my account.