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“Dear Sir - Don’t Let #MeToo Make You Afraid of Me" - because then you might fight back ...

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“Dear Sir - Don’t Let #MeToo Make You Afraid of Me“

Because if you are afraid, you might take defensive measures, instead of being a victim when it suits us.

“Men appear to be afraid of me.”

Feminists claim that men are the evil oppressors, yet Feminists are the ones in power, and men grovel and scrape before them. Who is oppressing whom?

“ A male superior at work asked, “Is it okay to say that?” after complimenting me on a new pair of “funky” boots. “

Not at my former workplace. Compliments were banned, for fear of sexual harassment charges. Feminists put in the laws - then moved the goalposts for them to infinity. In the UK, this even extends to asking someone what time it is.
“Another man apologized profusely after tapping my elbow. “

Feminists changed that to be assault, so at their whim, yes, they can destroy a man for tapping their elbow. If you see a Feminist about to fall into machinery, say nothing. It’s the only safe thing to do.

“ it’s more likely a sign that men are unsure of how to interact with women.”

Record everything, and don’t talk to them alone. Yes, Feminists have succeeded in the goal of splitting humanity into two segregated parts. Well done.

No wonder they are so keen on Sharia.

“It’s an unintended consequence of the movement”

Bullshit. Read “The Future is Female” to find out this has been their goal all along. They just want to keep men and women confused while they seize more and more power.

” Lean In and SurveyMonkey found that nearly half of male managers are uncomfortable participating in mentoring, working alone, or socializing together with women”

Only half? I guess the rest will learn. Do not mentor women, do not work alone or socialise with women from the workplace. In fact, at my old job, fraternisation was completely banned, to the point it occurred secretly only. Because women - generally - are heterosexual, and want men, and need men to make the first move, and without that cannot find love.

There shall be no love in the Feminist Utopia.

Feminists do not experience love, of course, and cannot comprehend that need. They despise it in men, and think it is a result of the hypnosis of Patriarchy when they see it in women.


“ A recent Harvard Business Review study exploring the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements’ impacts on creating lasting improvements in their organizations revealed some adverse reactions.”

Only some? Dividing men and women, making them enemies, only has SOME ADVERSE REACTIONS?

I have to wonder what the hell the benefits are to that, from a business perspective. I suppose you could sell both sides bullets?

“Men and women are not talking to each other. The environment is becoming sterile and completely unenjoyable to work in,”


Who could have foreseen that?


“ According to the survey, 65% of men indicated that since the movements began it’s “less safe” to mentor and coach their female colleagues. This unintentional consequence hurts the women the movement was meant to serve.”

World Ends: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit

Feminists will always spin anything that hurts men. They cannot stand seeing men being cared for.

“Strangely, it’s men who aren’t doing anything wrong who are feeling needlessly nervous”

Because the defence of innocence has been stripped away.


"why are so many men stumbling in their ordinary discourse and interactions with women at work? “

Because they know they are guilty until proven innocent - it is simply up to the whims of any woman as to whether they are sacked - or worse.

Even with Kavanaugh, with years of failure from Feminists to find anything to destroy him with, they succeeded in poisoning the well of public opinion. Control social media, and you control the minds of the masses.

"Of course, there are bad actors still lurking in the office”

Note that Feminists never admit the bad actors could be female? Only males are guilty, all women are victims, and feminists never, ever lie …

” this mistrust comes with a huge opportunity cost for working women — missing out on mentorship by men with valuable experience and skill sets to share”

If you are a woman who stood by and yawned while men had their rights stripped away, this is the future you deserve. If you are a Feminist, you cannot be surprised when the men you defecate on don’t want anything to do with you.

“Imagine if someone watched you eat for week, and pointed out all the stuff that was unhealthy, but never thought to tell you about what was healthy. “

Except that they had no science behind their beliefs, just power, the power to hurt you arbitrarily. That’s what Feminism is - power without reason, power for its own sake, the power to cause pain and the lust to glory in that pain.

"So, to all our male colleagues — it’s okay to compliment a haircut or outfit.”

No, it’s a crime thanks to Feminism. Feminists will happily lie to you to get you to do it - then turn around and destroy you the second they feel like it. Look at how Mattress Girl acted, pursuing a man, and when he said no, pretending he had raped her.

His evidence of her pursuit long after the alleged rape didn’t matter - she was supported by the University and he was hounded.

"Don’t comment on how someone’s body looks, how their appearance makes you feel, or what someone should wear.”

Stifle your feelings. Do not express emotion. Feminists hate that. It’s toxic masculinity for a man to … act like a woman.

” think about complimenting women for their work”

Because that‘s what humans do when they are attracted to each other.

Hello, work unit. Your output is: adequate. See. You. Tomorrow. [*robotic wave*]

“As for mentoring and meetings, if it’s feels uncomfortable to take a woman out to a drink, then take her to breakfast”

Whatever you do, do not take her out for breakfast. There is absolutely no reason for this not to be seen as intimate behaviour.


Only if you are prepared to record it all or have a third party as a chaperone.


Oh yes, there is no possible way a feminist wouldn’t interpret asking a woman for coffee as sexual harassment. Jesus bloody Christ, this Reeves is an idiot!

” If you are still uncertain, consider mentoring a pair of women or larger group and take them out together. “

Because it’s not like Feminists conspire when they want to get rid of someone.


“ Let the mentee drive the relationship. “

I don’t think this moron understands what a Mentor IS.

“Please tell me how often, when, and where you want to meet.”

Because women respect men who grovel and beg? JFC!

“We need to work together more now than ever. “

You had a chance to do that. You made men your enemy. It’s a bit late to whine about it now.

Feminists decided long ago that men had no place in the world. Men are starting to wake up to that.

And at some point, we are going to have to put their beliefs to the test.

But here’s the thing. It’s not the Feminists who are carrying the guns.


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