Friday, 20 December 2019

Casual Misandry

I often wonder if they had been all men, would the missions have continued?

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A photo of the astronauts that died in the Challenger Disaster - 1986

Male lives seem to disposable. We feel so little now when men die. In the past, men were acknowledged as heroes, in statues and plaques.

On the ABC, they talk like this.

"A man murdered his wife.

Persons died in a fire saving lives."

When men are bad, their maleness is emphasised.

When men are good, it is erased. They are just persons. When I point out that it was men who died, and it almost always is men dying heroically, people are confused. They will often tell me it was women dying.


Because they only hear positive things about women, and so assume women must be the heroes of every story. When they hear of a victim, it is either woman or a 'person'.

It’s not just the ABC. Even relatively sane sources de-emphasise masculinity.

“ 2 Firefighters Die in Australia “

They weren’t “ Firefighters”, they were FIREMEN.

As is almost always the case. Men burn to save the lives of women. erase the goodness of men, teach little children in schools that masculinity is toxic, and their own sons will wear shirts saying that boys are not good humans

(but women are the future!)

Feminists have no problem with "girls will be girls", but are enraged by "boys will be boys".

A boy is not a good human! A girl is strong and empowered!

No wonder so many boys are saying they are girls now. Why would they want to be a man? Everywhere they look, they can only see hated men. They see no male heroes.

Feminists make damned sure of it.

A Feminist would never give her life for another. Men give their lives for others every day. But if Feminists have their way, and men surrender masculinity, and become neutered and miserable, then who will man the defenses? Who will sacrifice to advance and protect our way of life?

No-one. Western civilisation will fall, and every Feminist will be converted or fall to the sword, whether that be to the Chinese or to the Islamists.

The enemy waits for the Feminists to finish the job of poisoning our society. When we are weakened, they will only have to push, and we will topple like a rotten oak.


There are numerous videos on Youtube about the erasure of male heroes. This is quite obvious in fiction also, with the CW Television channel in particular infamously taking videos about superheroes, and poisoning the tales, so that the men are neutered or villainous, and the women contemptuous superiors.


It is also interesting to see how race and ethnicity are selectively erased and emphasised.

When Muslims do something good, they are reported as Muslims.

When they do something bad? Suddenly, they are "Asians".

L-R: Mohammed Ali Sultan, Nazam Akhtar, Amjad Hussain, Mohammad Rizwan and Shafiq Younas
Ten years ago, no-one would have described these men as "asians".

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