Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The value of a man's life in Australia.

"Brisbane woman Katie Anne Castel who killed husband by throwing knife eligible for parole by Christmas"

Violent women are never treated as seriously as violent men. According to the Duluth Model, they don't exist. If a woman is violent, it's because some man forced her to be.

" jailed for stabbing her husband to death because she was "angry and annoyed" he got home late from work, could be out of jail by Christmas.
Katie Anne Castel, 38, admitted killing her husband Jarred Castel by throwing a 20-centimetre kitchen knife which hit him in the chest."

Imagine if this was by race, not sex. Imagine if a white man stabbed a black woman in the chest because she was late from work. Is there any chance of them getting a light sentence?

"Castel's action was "deliberate and very dangerous", a Brisbane judge said in sentencing her to nine years' jail in March last year. "

She chose murder. So what happened?

"Castel showed immediate remorse and pleaded guilty, Appeal Court Justice Debra Mullins said on Wednesday. "

Debra let her off. It was only a man, after all. Hardly worth bothering about. So why would Debra do that?

"Mullins was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours for "distinguished service to the law, and to the judiciary, to professional development and legal education, and to women".[3]"

She was rewarded for her "service to women". Well, I guess it serves some women to be allowed to walk free after murder.

Not good women, no. Not decent women. Feminist women, perhaps.

"Justice Mullins was a member of the Equalising Opportunities in the Law Committee of the Law Council of Australia (1995–2000)"

Huh. So she was a professional Feminist, and she lets women who murder men off with a slap on the wrist and a kiss goodbye. How completely unexpected. Whatta surprise that is.

And this is the pattern, over and over. Feminists claim they are oppressed - while they write laws that discriminate against men, while they enforce those laws in courts and toss men into jail whilst letting women dance free.

Dangerous women. Murderous women.

Feminists, back in the 1960s, threatened to leave the world of men. They announced they would go - any day now - and men would cry because they weren't there.

Men yawned.

They repeated the threat. Year after year. Never moved. No effort made at all. Men didn't care. Why would they?

So Feminists rotted the world of Men instead. They infected it like a cancer, corrupting justice, corrupting law, twisting everything that had been fought for for a thousand years.

The presumption of innocence? Gone. Equality under the law? Not even a memory for most.

A Feminist can gut a man, cry a few crocodile tears, and be home for dinner.

And still claim to be oppressed.