Friday, 26 June 2020

Dust Masks and Nail Salons

So why do Nail Salons use masks, and why do I get cranky when that is used as proof they are safe and effective for Covid-19?

Chemicals Used in Nail Salons
Nail polishes, glues, and other products used in nail salons may contain the following chemicals, among others:
  • Toluene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Dibutyl Phthalate
  • Methacrylate compounds

I grant you they have some use for skin flakes etc, but I never see barbers etc having to wear dust masks.

Are they useful against these chemicals?

I'm going to use acetone as the example as I could actually find the size relatively easily, and the rest are a bitch. A table would be nice. I'm sure I've seen them around.

I miss Sydney Uni library. :P

That mask doesn't look sealed around the nose.

Still, this might just be a stock photo.

Molecular radius, nm

Water 0.193

Particle Size:

Atmospheric Dust  <=40 microns

A micron is a thousand nanometres, thus Dust can be up to 40, 000 nm or

(40, 000/0.308) = ‭129,900 times as big.

Me maths is rusty, so feel free to correct me, but I just think that a dust mask ain't gonna cut it.

So what about a fume hood setup?

A chemical fume hood. It's not perfect, but it is enormously better than a dust mask.
Also, note the eye protection. Acetone and covid19 alike love hitting the squishy eyeballs.

Ok, so it would need to be modified for a nail salon, but why is it we don't see something that hands and feet can enter with a decent suction protecting those outside?

I remember seeing a baby in a stroller parked outside a nail salon at Hornsby. I was worried it had been abandoned or forgotten, so walked towads it. A worker from inside rushed out to pull her baby in.

I realised that they had taken their baby to work, but had decided the air was too dangerous. Of course it is too dangerous. It's too dangerous for the workers but they put up with it because it is a job you can do without English, and I suspect a lot of them are black market too.

OK, so what do the different masks do?

Respirator Rating Number Class

  • 95 - Removes 95% of all particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter
  • 99 - Removes 99% of particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter
  • 100 - Removes 99.97% of all particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. HE or HEPA quality filter.

N95 is better than a typical surgical mask and is the best possible for all but a few people, and is quite expensive in any case. It is typically NOT REUSABLE.

And it is useless for acetone. It does diddly. Even if you squidge about and have actone in globules, bonded to water, an awful lot of it will got right through a 300 nm hole.

Again, feel free to prove me wrong, I don't mind and would appreciate some paper that disputes my understanding. But as far as I can see, the masks in nail salons are theatre - designed to reassure people without helping anyone, and possibly causing health hazards by themselves.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Australian DV services - 1800RESPECT doesn't respect men

1800RESPECT has no category for us men. If you are a straight male - you are simply not a victim, by their standards.

You can get help if you are gay, if you are 'multicultural', but the average man, who pays for this through his taxes?

There's no respect for you.

Friday, 12 June 2020

Joey Wieser will slander and libel and doxx anyone deemed an enemy of the Revolution

Looters should be shot.

That's what Ryan said.

The leftist Joey Wieser knows he said that. He explicitly redefines looter as protestor, because he wants to push buttons. And in the comments section, over and over, the mob repeats the lie.

Looters should be shot.

Leftists twist that around, and claim that it is racist somehow to say that looters should be shot.

#rooftop Koreans from Tendie-Defender
Looters ruin lives.Rooftop Koreans know. Looters deserve to die.
In their minds, that means black people. Despite the dominance of white looters, despite the fact that black people died because of that looting.

David Dorn
Ex-cop, 77, shot dead outside pawn shop by looters

Lucy Hosley posted an emotional video in the aftermath of her Bronx deli being ransacked.
“They tell me ‘Black Lives Matter.’ They’re lying . . . I’m black, look what you did to my store.” (src)

Looters should be shot.

The leftist sneers at truth. They know they are lying about him. They don’t care. They whip up a lynch mob.

If you steal, you make the choice to take someone else's life.

Don't complain when they put their lives above yours.

Looters should be shot.

The mob harasses and hounds. Destroys his business, demolishes his means of communication. He loses his job, has to go into hiding.

Looters should be shot.

The leftist boasts. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t say protestors. It doesn’t matter that he said nothing about race.

Leftists know they are the ones in power.

Leftists know they are the ones who oppress.

Looters should be shot.


Thursday, 11 June 2020

George Floyd and The Strawman.

archived from

Honest SJWs are incredibly rare. The only ones I am aware of became ex-SJWs, because as soon as they examine new ideas, they see the flaws in Social Justice - and leave the cult.

So why do I say this article is a Strawman?

Look at what their opponent is actually saying.

Then look and see how an ideologue, confronted with an argument they cannot answer, will instead pretend that the other said something easy to knockdown.

"I like dogs"

"So what you are saying is you hate babies! And women! And black people! Nazzzziiiiii!"

What does the opponent say?

“this type of criminal lifestyle never results in good things happening to you or those around you”.

Most people would agree with that. Being a junkie is bad. Being a junkie with a heart condition on a ton of drugs and suffering the coronavirus whilst driving a vehicle high as a kite is very, very bad. I wouldn't want to be on the road when they stop breathing, or decide I am a giant mushroom.

And George said, while he was still standing, before any kneeling - "I can't breathe".


Probably because it had caught up with him, and he was dying there and then, like he would have on the road whilst driving if he hadn't been stopped.

That doesn't make kneeling on his throat a good thing. It was in the police manual however. He was trained to do it. And no-once cares when it happens to a white man. There are no riots, let alone protests, when white men die during arrests.

So how does an SJW interpret their words?

"a man murdered by police for buying a packet of cigarettes"

None of that is true, not a word, but it doesn't matter to an SJW.

It FEELS true.

It is truthiness.

Yes, back in the days that Colbert was a reasonable Leftist, he coined the term. Talk about the ...

Hey, let's jump into a time machine and taunt Colbert by showing him that he will become everything he hated!

So the SJWs take the argument that "crime can be destructive to criminals", and twist that into saying that "murder is justified". Then, having ignored his argument, they persecute him for things he never said, removing him from employment and attempting to hound him to death.

He should not have dissented. Dissent is heresy. George Floyd is a saint, all the police are white supremacists (yes, even the black Somali cop who was involved), he didn't do nuffin', and if you disagree with any of their beliefs - THEY WILL DESTROY YOU.

And as we have seen, that isn't confined to just unpersoning now. This is moving to a full blown communist revolution.

You can expect the guillotine, the necklacing, the mass graves, if they succeed in this attempt. We've seen this all before, over and over.

And it never ends well. For ANYONE.