Tuesday, 4 August 2020

ABC Australia and The Devil

My grandmother’s funeral was today. Again, my relatives came together as they had for my aunt. We are mostly old, fragile and ill. There will be another soon, I think.

Mine is the childless generation.

I mean not that there are no children, I mean that decade after decade of leftist propaganda convinced people to have fewer kids, convinced women to have them later in life, propaganda that was produced by neo-Malthusians who thought there were too many humans, propaganda now produced by those who thought there were too many white people.

Propaganda that worked.

Families went from many children, to three, to two, to one, to none.

And it was done deliberately, self-righteously, with deceit, with lies.

I talked to a relative of mine today. Many of them are quite intelligent, but they have lifetimes of watching ABC Australia.

They know not to watch anything else. ABC Australia tells them everything else is racist, is homophobic, is Nazi.

They do not read books by those outside the leftist bubble. The women I am related to were actually important in the political sphere here, in their own way.

My deceased aunt helped set up the anti-discrimination laws and sexual harassment rules. I recall, in the 90s, arguing with her that they would be abused to punish men for wanting to be with women. She claimed that they would not, that sexual advances would still be allowed as women wanted, that freedom was still there, that one word provided protection.


The definition of sexual harassment was Repeated Unwanted Advances.

You were allowed to make a play. She was allowed to say yes or no.

I told her that Repeated would be removed. She said no, that the manhaters in Feminism were some fringe movement.

I was bitter and cynical about it. I saw it as corrupt.

And the years proved me true. Repeated. That was removed, of course. Any sexual advance is verbotten. Male sexuality is completely vilified, and by consequence, the sexuality of women is frustrated. Women want men to be men, not broken cowering slaves. Feminists want those, and other people with mental illness.

And the women I know who call themselves Feminists wouldn’t be classed as Feminists by the Feminists now. They were egalitarians. But they don’t know the term, because they watch the ABC, and it tells them what to think.

The relative of mine who watches the ABC is a lovely loving person. I was talking about writing a novel. One of the exercises they use for writers is to try to write from the perspective of your worst enemy.

Who is your worst enemy, I asked of her.

Trump, she replied, unironically.

I tried to suppress my amusement. Trump is the bogeyman to Leftists. Trump is blamed for everything, without any self-reflection. They think he caused Covid-19, because the ABC tells them he did. Every abomination done by Clinton, Obama, any previous President - all is placed on his account.

Trump is the Leftist Devil.

When I think of the worst people in the world, my mind shudders. I have known rapists, I have known child molesters, I have known those who kill a neighbours pet out of sadism.

I despise Hillary Clinton, but she is not the Devil. She is not the worst person on the Earth. She might be a murderer and a mob boss, but she is still not the worst.

The people I have known were far worse, and people I have never met, whose psychological profiles I have read in studies, were worse than that. Evil is a spectrum, and there seems to be always someone who is even worse.

I could not write a story from the perspective of my enemy, because I know real people, and real evil is nothing like that of our heroic fictions. It is cruel for the fun of it, in a tedious way. It will do whatever it can get away with, but most people have no power, so most people’s cruelty is petty.

It’s with power, and that can be physical power, the power of muscles and bone, or the power of office, the power to write legislation. The power to remove Repeated.

I think the reason I am attracted to heroic fiction is because the evil of it is cartoonish and safe. The evil of orcs in Dungeons and Dragons - wanting to rape, murder and torture for the sake of it - it is safe because it is not truly human evil.

Yes, evil humans want to do such things, but real evil will make up the excuses. Most really evil people will tell themselves comforting lies. They are punching Nazis. They are killing Islamophobes. They are not human, these white people.

What is it the most recent piece of feminist propaganda says?

White people do not exist.

Every genocide is built on generations of propaganda. It aims to dehumanise them. The enemy people are inferior. Their whiteness is toxic. It must be purged.

It takes decades to build the foundations for the gas chambers, but once they exist, the rest is easy. All it takes is to allow evil loose.

To listen to the voices telling us to "punch that Nazi", to listen to the voices telling us to kneel before the violent mob.

And evil is everywhere, in us, not just in some distant other.

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