Thursday, 5 May 2022

Transactivism and the Non-Binary Bullshit

 If you believe reality is a social construct, which simply warps to the will, then it makes sense to say self identification causes the reality.

say I am a dinosaur, and if you disagree, then you are a nazi, and must be violently attacked.

And violence does seem to becoming normalised. A few years back, we saw terfs being openly assaulted on the streets of britain by transactivists. Dissent is heresy.

The existence of detransitioners is also heresy. Self-identification turns out to go wrong, who knew? And the problem is then you have permanently damaged your body (and potentially your mind). Which is why the reaction to the groomers in schools is so fierce in America. Puberty blockers can never be undone properly. And there has even been a push for bloody surgery on kids.

I marched in feminist rallies that held that gender roles were wrong - that there was no such thing as a girls toy or a boys toy.

But now transactivists will see their daughter playing with a tank, or their son playing with a doll, and immediately squeal with joy because they now have a trans baby, and have finally hit the giddy heights known to every munchausen by proxy parent.

A generation has been brought up to see masculinity as toxic and femininity as weak. Of course, people don’t want to be their own sex - in the West, you are told it is bad, and that you become a special person by leaving it.

So you end up with people like Ezra Miller, who learn how to game the system. How do you become special without any effort? Declare yourself enby! Non-binary means you can play with a tank or a doll, wheee! Couldn’t do that before, no sir!

It’s bullshit. 

Fallout & skyrim etc modders have spent decades now dressing up dolls and playing with tanks. Most people are not so stupid as to see that as male or female.

Of course, the majority are straight males and the dolls are ... 

but they are still dolls. They are just virtual ones.

And there’s no gender dysphoria issue. Modders are not falling over themselves to get the chop. Almost all modders are straight, and most are male. That’s the sort of person that gets obsessed with building stuff. 

And blowing it up, of course.

But the thing is, modding is creation. How do you feel special? You put in the work. You compete. You accept failure.

And when I look at Tumblr and the enby generation, I see a lot of people who have no idea how to succeed at anything, but they think they can make their gender special with one neat trick, and that makes them just as good as all those people who sweated, and bled, and failed, climbing mountains and diving into the deep.

We see a generation that feels entitled.

Why should I have to climb from the bottom? I deserve the same accolades as the pathetic man-beasts who went the hard way!

No risks, all reward!

They used to say that a war would sort this all out - that if the fat entitled idiots had to pick up arms and fight, they would grow up and realise that reality doesn’t give a damn about their social constructs and what they identify as.

Well, looking at the Russian War currently tearing up the Ukraine, that seems likely.

The next war is probably going to involve mass conscription. WW1 all over again, but worse. And what will happen to all the precious snowflakes, who have spent their lives cultivating weakness, choosing victimhood?

I think you will find anyone with a uterus will suddenly decide they are a woman and always were. The rest of us, well.... 

Reality doesn’t give a damn about your delusions, and when times get hard, the fools will die. 

Killing a lot of the rest of us in the process, because we won’t have sane strong men to watch our backs, but crazy imbeciles who worship weakness.